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Yussuf Mustapha

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Yussuf Mustapha among four teenagers jailed for life after the murder of schoolboy Keon Lincoln. Teenagers have been jailed for life over the murder of 15-year-old schoolboy Keon Lincoln in a gun and knife attack in Birmingham.

Mustapha, who is thought to be Britain’s youngest defendant convicted of gun murder, was accused of firing the fatal shot and was sentenced to life in prison at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday.


He is 15 years old.

Keon Lincoln Murder

The fatal attack in January had been “carefully planned and executed” using a revolver and a stolen car, Lord Justice William Davis said.

Two 18-year-olds – Tahjgeem Breakenridge and Michael Ugochukwu – were sentenced to life for murder, with a minimum term of 19 years.

A 16-year-old youth convicted of Keon’s murder, who cannot be named due to an ongoing appeal, was ordered to serve at least 17 years.

Kieron Donaldson, 19, who police said was not present at the attack, was sentenced to a 12-year custodial term for manslaughter, having supplied weapons to those involved in the killing. However, he was told he would be entitled to release after serving two-thirds of the sentence.

Trial And Jailed

In a five-week trial, jurors heard that Keon was stabbed and shot in the stomach just after 3.30 pm on 21 January and later died at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

He suffered eight stab injuries, and a fatal wound to his abdomen from one of two gunshots that the court heard were fired by Mustapha.

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Sentencing on Monday, the judge said that at least five offenders who arrived at the murder scene had been party to using a revolver.

Mustapha, Breakenridge, Ugochukwu, and the unnamed 16-year-old all denied playing any part in the killing. Donaldson was cleared of murder but convicted of unlawful killing after refusing to have assisted or encouraged any of Keon’s attackers.

West Midlands Police said that despite the four murder convictions, their investigation into the attack continues. Detective Inspector Jim Colclough, who is leading the probe, said the murder had not only devastated Keon’s family but “brought shock and sadness to the whole community”.

“Not least because an attack so brutal could be carried out in broad daylight on a schoolboy, by others just as young, if not younger,” Det Ins Colclough said. “The wave of disbelief was followed by anger and grief, but ultimately unity as everyone pulled together to support Keon’s family, vowing that this should not happen to another family.

Mustapha, who was born in Italy and was said to be doing well at the same secondary school as Keon, was ordered to be named by a judge ahead of Monday’s sentencing hearing.

Lifting a previous court order, Lord Justice William Davis ruled that it was in the public interest to name Mustapha and said the last measure had represented a “substantial restriction” on the press’s ability to report on the case.