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Yashvir Maharaj

Yashvir Maharaj Wikipedia – Yashvir Maharaj Bio

Yashvir Maharaj is a doctor who sexually assaulted an off-duty police officer on the London Underground has been suspended for six months after ‘bringing the profession into disrepute.

Maharaj travelled on the Tube when he followed and repeatedly tried to touch another passenger.


His age is unclear.

Incident Details

The Edinburgh-based doctor initially touched the officer on his right bum cheek before following the man as he moved away.

At one point, Maharaj swayed towards the crotch of the officer and was an inch away from touching his ‘private parts.

The victim then took Maharaj off the train and explained he was a serving police officer before taking his details.

British Transport Police subsequently launched an investigation, and Maharaj was charged over the incident in July 2019.

Having denied all wrongdoing, he was convicted of sexual assault of a male over 16 without penetration following a trial at Inner London Crown Court.

The doctor was fined £300 ordered to pay £200 to compensate the police officer and a £32 victim surcharge.

And he was hauled before a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) over the incident last week.


A panel heard that Maharaj had qualified from the University of Kathmandu in Nepal in 2000 before working as a research physician supervising drug trials in Edinburgh from October 2013.

His legal team accepted his fitness to practice as a medic was ‘impaired’ because of his sexual assault conviction. Still, it was argued that he is a ‘competent’ doctor, and there were no patient safety issues.

They added that the sexual assault was ‘minor,’ and there is ‘no risk’ of repetition because Maharaj had banned himself from travelling on public transport.

Aaminah Khan, chair of the MPTS panel, said Maharaj’s actions had brought the profession into ‘disrepute.’

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He said: ‘While Dr Maharaj’s offence occurred outside of the context of a clinical environment and no patients were affected, sexual assault against any member of the public is a serious breach of the standards expected of a doctor and inevitably brings the medical profession into disrepute and undermines public trust in the work.

‘It is clear that Dr Maharaj’s conviction brings the profession into disrepute and that his actions breached a fundamental tenet of the medical work.

‘The tribunal considered that Dr Maharaj had underestimated individual patient concerns and it is considered that a reasonable and well-informed member of the public would expect a finding of impairment to be made in this case, both to mark the seriousness of the misconduct and to uphold proper standards across the medical profession.’

The panel noted that there were ‘no issues regarding patient safety but said a suspension order was necessary given the ‘seriousness of the conviction.’

Maharaj was suspended from practising for six months.