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Willy Bardon

Willy Bardon Wiki – Willy Bardon Bio

Willy Bardon is a French man who raped and murder a young woman almost two decades ago. The French court on Monday sentenced Bardon to 30 years in prison.

An appeals court in Douai in northern France confirmed the earlier 30-year jail sentence for Willy Bardon handed down by a lower court in 2019 but, crucially, added a conviction for murder as well as rape and abduction.


His age is unclear.

Elodie Kulik Murder

In January 2002, Élodie Kulik, a 24-year-old bank employee, was kidnapped, raped, strangled, then burned in Tertry, about twenty kilometers from Saint-Quentin in the Aisne. Before dying, the young woman had called for help, a 26-second recording considered the centerpiece of the case and on which some of the witnesses said they recognized the voice of Willy Bardon.


In court for the verdict dressed in a black shirt and with head shaven, Bardon closed his eyes as the verdict was readout.

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Since he was arrested in 2013, Bardon has always maintained his innocence in the murder of Kulik, a position he reaffirmed in court on Thursday. “I never took part in this horrific crime,” he said.

But the victim’s father Jacky said after the verdict that as in the initial verdict “he (Bardon) did not succeed in deceiving anyone”.

Addressing his dead daughter, Jacky Kulik added: “I kept my promise… It is the end of my struggle.”

Bardon’s lawyer Gabriel Dumenil accused the court of ignoring defense arguments and said his client now intended to take the case to the Court of Cassation, France’s highest court of appeal.

When he was initially convicted in December 2019, Bardon swallowed pesticide in a dramatic suicide bid in the courtroom and spent five days in the hospital.

Before dying, Kulik managed to call emergency services and the harrowing 26-second recording was the key piece of evidence in the trial.

Another suspect Gregory Wiart, whose DNA was found at the scene, died in 2003. But six witnesses told the court in the initial trial they recognized the voice of Willy Bardon on the tape.

Willy Bardon Jailed For 30 Years

Bardon was sentenced this Thursday on appeal to 30 years imprisonment for the kidnapping, sequestration, followed by death, rape, and murder of Elodie Kulik on January 11, 2002, near Péronne, in the east of the Somme.

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