Watch Videos and earn Money From Watchtube App

Watch Videos and earn Money

Do you enjoy the idea of making money just by watching a video? I’m in the same boat! Perk TV’s heyday is long gone. As of recent, services like Swagbucks, Mypoints, Inboxdollar and YSense that were built on Hypermx and Prodege shut down their watch platforms.

Watch Videos and earn Money From Watchtube App

However, watching videos can still earn you a respectable sum of money. These are the most effective tools I’ve found and would suggest to others.

First place goes to Adscend Media’s Hideout TV, which offers fantastic programming and benefits. LootUp has a $5 signup bonus for new members. LootUp, Hideout, and all of its sister sites, like Pet Clips and Meal Ninja, will all be able to use your account. There are only a few moments when you’ll be required to pay attention to Hideout TV.

Watch Videos and earn Money
Watch Videos and earn Money

Secondly, Loot TV is a passive video-watching website from which you can make money. They have fewer attention checks than Hideout, but they earn less quickly. To cash out your Loot TV points, go to a GPT site like Freecash, GG2U, or Chequity and redeem them. Loot TV players might consider using Freecash, which is now paying out at a 100% rate. In order to receive 100 bonus Freecash points, enter the promo code “New100” under Rewards, then click on “Promo Code.”

There are a lot of video apps out there, but the ones from Givvy are a little less established. Video watching can be semi-passive or active depending on your mood. It’s great that you can watch any video you want on this app because it’s all from YouTube.

In the past, Mode was known as Current Music, and it’s currently called Mode Earn. To use it, you’ll be rewarded with money for listening to music and watching videos. In addition, they provide surveys and other incentives. The videos have a variable rate of $0.01 for every two views, however this averages out to about $0.01. Active watching necessitates clicking on each video as you go along.

Auto-play videos can be found in the Discover section of Shopkick. It can play 30 or more songs in a succession on its own, but you may have to reload or restart the app at other times. It costs $0.01 for every 2.5 videos that are seen. ‘ It’s best to keep an eye on them from time to time and let them to run as needed! Around the holidays, this is a huge moneymaker!

#6 Boints – A video-watching app, Boints can be found on the App Store. They can also make money by downloading apps or playing games, for example. Video viewing is a popular pastime that pays between 200 and 600 points per hour. It’s a 1000-point deal for a buck one. It’s worth a shot, to be sure!

The Swagit is ranked seventh. Despite the fact that Prodege no longer has a watch app, you can still earn Swagbucks by using the Swagit app, which is still available. You can also make a fast $0.05 a day by signing up for the site. If you donate at least $0.01 five times a day, you’ll get $0.02 back each time. Uploading videos is another way to make money. Your Swagbucks earnings will be increased as a result of your donation.

Watch Videos and earn Money

Learn how to make money every day by watching this video: KRISHNA TECHNOLAB is the company behind the Earn Money – Watching Video Make Reward 1.8 (Package Name: com.watchvideo.earncash) and the most recent version was released on January 7, 2019. In the area of Social, you’ll find Make Money by Watching Videos and Getting Rewarded.

The developer of Earn Money – Watching Video Make Reward has a lot of more programs that you may check out. For the time being, this app is available for no cost whatsoever. APKFab or Google Play can be used to download this software on Android 4.1+. The APK/XAPK files available for download at are original and virus-free.

Earn money by watching videos

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