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Vladimir Sankin

Vladimir Sankin Wiki – Vladimir Sankin Bio

Vladimir Sankin is a car mechanic who beat a convicted pedophile to death after “saving” two boys he had abducted has been convicted of murder.

Sankin’s solicitor said he was a ‘real man’ and the world ‘depends on such ordinary men’ as he was convicted of murdering pedophile Vladimir Zaitsev after claiming he rescued them


He is 34 years old.

Vladimir Sankin Charged

Vladimir Sankin faces up to 15 years in jail after he was accused of using disproportionate force on the pedophile and that the boys were already freed by the time he arrived.

Sankin and his supporters disputed these claims and he had been branded a “hero” for his actions by some.

Additionally, medical evidence was presented at the trial that the cause of death was frostbite, not Sankin’s blows with a wooden stick.

The jury asked for leniency in the sentencing after finding him guilty of murder following eight hours of deliberations.

The married man – who will be sentenced next week – is reported in local media to have said: “I had a choice – to pass by or to save the kids.

“Surely every man would do the same in my place.”


The two boys, aged ten and 14, had been lured to previously convicted pedophile Vladimir Zaitsev’s flat in Ufa city, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the eleventh most populous city in Russia.

The sex attacker, 54, plied them with alcohol and told the teenager to strip naked or face being killed and dismembered if he refused, local media reports.

He was reported to have committed “lewd acts” against them.

The younger boy escaped and alerted passer-by Sankin who ran to the scene, according to the defendant.

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He then freed the teenager and held Zaitsev as he called police, in what was effectively a citizen’s arrest.

The criminal investigation claimed the boys were both already freed by the time Sankin arrived and accused him of using disproportionate force on the pedophile.

In the fight with Sankin, Zaitsev fell and banged his head, then lay on the cold ground.

He died later in an ambulance.

Jailed For 15 Years

Sankin faces up to 15 years in jail following the jury verdict which has shocked his supporters.

His case has become a cause célèbre with a petition of 70,000 calling for the charges to be dropped against the “hero”, and a benefactor paying for his legal defense.

His lawyer Shota Gorgadze will now appeal and is also urging the trial judge to deliver a suspended sentence or order a new trial under a lesser charge.

The jury made clear he “deserves leniency”, said the attorney.

“Vladimir acted like a real man,” he said.

“He ran to the entrance and met a pedophile, snatching from his clutches the second child.

“A fight broke out, as a result of which the pedophile subsequently died.

“And it was Sankin in the dock.”

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