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Vilda Ince

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Vilda Ince was a young woman who refused to accept an arranged marriage to her cousin and ran off with her lover has been murdered and her boyfriend was raped and killed after they were invited by her family to a New Year party to make peace.

The horrific killings took place in Bayramozu Village in the district of Kaman in the central Turkish city of Kirsehir where the young woman Vildan Ince was forced to marry her cousin in a religious ceremony after being put under immense pressure by her family.

However, the young woman, who did not want the marriage, ran away with her boyfriend Osman Celik almost two months ago.


She was 24 years old.

Vilda Ince Killed

Her family searched for the pair but were unable to find them until they turned up for a New Year’s Eve party in the village.

After learning that their daughter was in Kaman, the woman’s family invited the couple to their home claiming they wanted to make peace.

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Instead, she was taken to the bathroom where she was butchered and her boyfriend was stripped and raped before being stabbed to death, according to local media.

The victims were each placed in the bath in turn so that blood would not stain the floor.

After they were killed, the bodies were taken to a pit outside the village where they were covered with soil.


When Celik’s family could not reach their son, they reported the situation to the police.

Officers detained the Ince family for questioning. After the interrogation, the family members confessed to the murder and showed the police where they buried their bodies.

The police said that after recovering the bodies, they arrested the woman’s father, brother, the cousin she had been forced to marry, and two other relatives linked to the murders.

An investigation into the killings continues.

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