Who is Veronica Billiot? Wiki, Bio, Age, Shot And Killed, Jefferson Gun Outlet Shootout, Family

Veronica Billiot

Veronica Billiot Wiki – Veronica Billiot Bio

Veronica Billiot was busy buying a new gun for protection at the Jefferson Gun Outlet when her calls went unanswered that fateful day.

She died near the store’s glass front door, which was shattered. Two other people were wounded and brought to the hospital.


She was 57 years old.

Jefferson Gun Outlet Shootout

Officials told NOLA.com that the deadly incident began when 27-year-old Joshua Jamal Williams of New Orleans carried a pistol with an extended clip into the gun shop and shooting range, where staff told him to unload his weapon.

According to police, Williams fired a warning round before fatally shooting 47-year-old store clerk Herbert “Noah” Fischbach. Customer Veronica Billot, 59, of Belle Chasse was also mortally wounded in the shootout, the outlet reported.

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n an emailed statement to NOLA.com, Michael Mayer, an executive at the gun outlet, defended Fischbach’s actions.

“What I can say, is that our store was attacked by Joshua Williams on (Feb. 20) around 3 p.m.

He walked into our store and was asked by our compliance officer to unload his firearm before entering,” Mayer wrote, adding, “(Williams) became agitated by the request and pulled his gun out of his pants and started firing.

Our armed and trained employees, as well as some armed, permitted customers, returned fire, and eliminated the threat.

One customer as well as one employee perished in the gun battle. Joshua Williams, the gunman, is also dead.”

Veronica Billiot Family

“She just went to pick up a gun, the wrong place at the wrong time, completely innocent person,” said Andras and sister, Brooke Rojas.

Middle brother, Daniel Caple threw up the alarm first, rushing to the gun store with Jessica while the youngest, Brooke Rojas was caring for her family.

“Started talking to the cops asking and telling them my mom’s car is in the parking lot, it’s the red SUV… the police came back a little while later and said ‘there is a woman, does she wear a lot of rings?’ and we said yes, gold rings.

My brother said has her phone been ringing off the hook and one of the detectives said yes, it’s been ringing off the hook. I said go by her, I’m going to call and you tell me if that’s my mama. He came back and it was our mom,” said Andras.

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