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Veondre Avery

Veondre Avery Wiki – Veondre Avery Biography

Veondre Avery was arrested by Central Florida police after whose toddler found his loaded handgun in August and used it to shoot his girlfriend — the boy’s mother — while she was on a work-related Zoom call.

On Wednesday, Avery was arrested Tuesday and appeared in court, charged with negligent manslaughter and unsafe firearm storage, WKMG reported.


He is 22 years old.

Toddler Shot Mother

A woman on the Zoom call with 21-year-old Shamaya Lynn called 911 on August 11, telling dispatchers, “we heard a loud kaboom, and she then leaned back, and we just saw blood from her face,” as CrimeOnline previously reported.

They saw the 2-year-old boy in the background of the call, the woman said, but at the time, they didn’t know he had been the one to pull the trigger, shooting his mother in the head.

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Moments later, Avery himself called 911, telling dispatchers to hurry, that “there’s blood everywhere.”

“Please! I don’t know what happened,” he said. “I just went in the house. I just came through the door!”

Investigators determined the gun belonged to Avery and that he kept it in a “‘Paw Patrol’ backpack next to their bed,” police said, according to WESH. The backpack was decorated with “cartoon images of dogs that would be enticing to a child.”

Veondre Avery Arrested

Avery, accused of leaving a handgun where a toddler could not only get to it but use it, was in court Wednesday.

Avery reportedly told police he “does not lock this firearm and keeps it ready to fire with one round in the chamber.”

“It has consequences. Your decisions have consequences, and this was a decision that was a very poor one,” Officer Rob Ruiz said.

In the arrest paperwork, Avery told police his son plays with toy cap guns and knows how they work, that he likes to pull the trigger on those toy guns.

Mead’s attorney said he has much more to learn about the case but said this about Avery:

“His child’s mother is deceased now, so I’m sure he’s very remorseful. He seems like a pretty solid guy, never been in trouble before.”

Police stress locking and securing the firearm could have avoided this.

Police Report

Police said no other weapons were found in the apartment, and the toddler, along with the couple’s second child, is with relatives.

Investigators said that Avery also tried to help Lynn when he came inside their home and found her.

Avery’s attorney, Victor Mead, said he believes his client is “very remorseful.”

“He seems like a pretty solid guy, never been in trouble before,” he said.

Avery was ordered held on a $50,000 bond for the failure to secure the charge but was denied bond on the manslaughter charge. His next court date is November 23, Seminole County jail records said.

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