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Valentina Orellana-Peralta

Valentina Orellana-Peralta Wiki – Valentina Orellana-Peralta Biography

Valentina Orellana-Peralta is identified as a girl who was struck by a stray bullet that passed through a dressing room wall.

The male suspect’s name has not yet been released.

A woman who was assaulted by the suspect was taken to the hospital with moderate to serious injuries, police said.

It’s unclear why the police opened fire. The suspect is not believed to have been armed with a gun.


She was 14 years old.

Burlington Store Shooting

The situation unfolded when officers were sent to the Burlington store at Laurel Canyon and Victory boulevards at around 11:45 a.m. in response to a 911 call from a person who reported hearing arguing inside the store and shots fired, according to police.

According to LAPD Capt, as officers were responding to the call, police received additional reports of a possible active shooter. Stacy Spell.

“As the officers were responding, they arrived at this location and began a search, looking for a suspect,” Spell said. “While conducting that search for a suspect, the officers encountered an individual who was in the process of assaulting another, and an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

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The suspect was fatally shot, police said. LAPD Assistant Chief Dominic Choi said that police found a hole in a stretch of drywall in front of the officer or officers who opened fire at the suspect during a subsequent search.

“We went behind it (the wall), and it turned out to be a dressing room up there,” Choi said. “We were able to locate a 14-year-old female who was found deceased in that dressing room.”

Asked if police shot the girl, Choi said, “Preliminarily, we believe that round was an officer’s round.”

Police Report

It was initially unclear if the teenage girl’s parents were in the store at the time and whether she was hiding in the dressing room when the stray bullet killed her. An LAPD source disclosed to the Los Angeles Times that the victim’s mother was in the dressing room with her as her daughter tried on dresses for her quinceaneras.

A woman assaulted by the suspect when officers arrived was taken to a hospital in unknown condition. In video footage from the scene being loaded into an ambulance, she was awake but bloodied.

Choi said it was unclear if the suspect was armed.

“We did not find a gun,” Choi said. “However, until the coroner gets here and we do a full search of the suspect, that won’t be definitive. But right now we haven’t located a firearm.”

He said officers did find a “steel or metal cable lock, a very heavy lock,” near the suspect that may have been used in the assault.