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Valentina Miozzo

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Valentina Miozzo is a native of Modena. She deals with the promotion and tourist accommodation (allowing himself at least three months of “solo travel” every year). She then decided to devote herself completely to sustainable tourism by becoming a freelancer in the sector. Valentina Miozzo is a “citizen of the world,” she started travelling when she was 18 and has never stopped.

She moved to the far north of Norway within the Arctic Circle, not just mid-pandemic, but just as the 24-hour polar nights were on the horizon. It was a baptism of fire, but one she took to.

“December and January were two months of just darkness,” she says.


Her age is unclear.

Valentina Miozzo Spent Lockdown in the Arctic

Miozzo, from the northern Italian region of Emilia Romagna, had seen her life overturned by the pandemic.

Nature and walking guide, who accompanied Italians on trips abroad, she blogged about sustainable travel in Italy on the side, running popular blog Viaggiare Libera. “Everything was concentrated on tourism,” she says. “My life was always spent on the road — I was away from home about six months a year.”

Like countless others in the travel industry, Miozzo’s life came to a sharp halt until the pandemic hit.

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Unable to guide, she continued blogging and doing promotional work online. But after Italy had gone through one of the world’s harshest lockdowns and emerged into summer 2020 with the virus seemingly under control, her feet were beginning to get itchy again.

So when she was approached via Instagram in September, she barely blinked with an offer to go to the Arctic Circle to run a guesthouse.

“Was I scared? No, I saw it as a beautiful opportunity to visit places I would maybe never have chosen off my own bat,” she says.

“Since I couldn’t do my travelling work anymore, this was a way to travel and to live another reality — in a more static way, of course, but in a part of the world I didn’t know and was fascinated by.”


“I didn’t have any expectations — I purposefully didn’t create them as I was curious to discover,” she says. However, she did have an idea of what was in store: “I knew I was going to a very, very isolated place — they’d warned me. I knew it was extreme, and I knew it was in the arctic tundra, but I had never been to Norway.

“Shortly after my arrival, the polar nights arrived.”

Up for anything, though, she wasn’t fazed by 24/7 darkness.

“It was an incredible experience, living two months entirely in the dark. It wasn’t disturbing — in fact, it’s harder to live with the light.”

Yes, that 24/7 sunlight. From mid-May to mid-July, Kongsfjord is bathed in the midnight sun. “There’s no sunset for two months, and the body doesn’t accept that it’s nighttime when the sun is out, so it’s harder to sleep,” she says.

“But other than that, it’s not annoying; in fact, it’s a beautiful way of life.”

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