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Valentina Grigoryeva

Valentina Grigoryeva Wiki – Valentina Grigoryeva Biography

Stanislav Reshetnikov killed last week during a live stream died from appalling head injuries, Russian law enforcement said.

The finding comes after Stas Reeflay – real name Stanislav Reshetnikov – reportedly admitted to hitting Valentina Grigoryeva on the day of her death.

The YouTuber faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted of manslaughter – for which he is now under investigation.


Her Age is unclear.

Valentina Grigoryeva Death Cause

In a sickening broadcast from his home near Moscow on December 2, he was reportedly paid by viewers to inflict abuse on Grigoryeva, 28.

He also labeled her a “prostitute” and “smelly”.

At one point in the live stream, he was seen pushing Grigoryeva – who was in the early stages of pregnancy – onto the balcony of his flat wearing only her underwear.

He was later seen bringing her back inside unconscious, prompting a viewer to dial emergency services.

It was earlier reported that Grigoryeva died from exposure to the cold, but forensics experts have now said that her cause of death was a head injury.

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Olga Vrady, an official with the Russian Investigative Committee, said a post-mortem examination concluded she died following a “craniocerebral trauma”.

She also sustained “multiple bruising on the face and hemorrhaging of soft tissues”.

Paramedics later pronounced Grigoryeva dead at the scene.

The camera was still alive when paramedics arrived and reportedly remained so for another two hours.

Reports suggested that one viewer had paid $1,000 to see Reshetnikov abuse Grigoryeva.

Police Report

A law enforcement source told Komsomolskaya Pravda: “[Reshetnikov] testified that on the day in question he hit the deceased several times on the head.

“He admits the fact of beating her.”

Reshetnikov is remanded in custody but denied his punches were the cause of Grigoryeva’s death.

He claimed through his lawyer, Evgeny Kulagin, that she had suffered a “stroke”.

“We have already appealed against the arrest order. And we will continue to insist on his innocence,” said Kulagin.

Reshetnikov Statement

From a detention center in Moscow, Reshetnikov told newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets: “Valya was my best friend. Very kind and loyal.

“She was so talented. On my streams, they called her Genius. She was an actress who graduated with honors.”

He also claimed: “She truly wanted a real relationship. But I couldn’t be with her.

“You see, she was a prostitute. I didn’t want a relationship with a girl like that.”

After carrying Grigoryeva back inside, Reshetnikov could be heard saying: “Valya, Valya, damn, you look like you are dead.

“Bunny, come on… tell me something. I’m worrying. Damn… I do not feel her heartbeat.”

He then told his viewers: “Guys… No pulse… She’s pale. She is not breathing.”

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