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Timothy Legrande

Timothy Legrande Wiki – Timothy Legrande Biography

Timothy Legrande was a victim who was killed in a Utah standoff on Friday. Later Saturday evening, UPD confirmed the identities of the deceased.

The victims were 54-year-old, Bonne Rachelle Brady and Timothy Andrew Legrande. The suspect was 30-year-old, Jacob Andrew Legrande.

All three lived in Millcreek, but it was not clear as of Saturday night who lived in the home where the standoff took place.


He was 53 years old.

Incident Details

Officers responded to a home on 3900 South near Highland Drive in Millcreek around 6 p.m. Friday after a man went to the nearby Unified Police precinct, reporting that another man was shooting inside the home and dead people.

A standoff with officers and SWAT team members ensued, in which the suspect who was barricaded inside the house shot at police — including while they entered the home to rescue an older woman.

Saturday around 3 p.m., Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera (who oversees UPD) said they had sent drones into the home and found three people dead.

Based on photographs and the suspect’s description, they believed that one of them was the alleged shooter.

“He was extremely armed with various firearms, a lot of ammunition,” Rivera said. “Our understanding is the family was here to do some intervention for drug addiction, and some mental health issues were going on, and something went wrong.”

Friend Statement

Joseph Noble, who identified himself as a close family friend, said he tried to drive to Millcreek in time to try and help, but it was too late.

He said he viewed Jacob Legrande as a brother and Timothy Legrande as kind of a stepfather.

“His dad always praised me, always told me how proud of me he was,” Noble said. “I loved them all very much. I’m going to miss them so much.”

“They were good men, and I just can’t believe they’re gone,” he continued, crying. “They took me in when I was homeless for a time. I lived on their couch.”

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