Who is Theresa Ann McCauley? Wiki, Biography, Age, Charged, Shooting, Investigation

Theresa Ann McCauley

Theresa Ann McCauley Wiki – Theresa Ann McCauley Biography

Theresa Ann McCauley is a Randolph County woman behind bars after being charged with wanton endangerment involving a firearm following an incident early Friday morning.

McCauley was arrested after allegedly firing a .22 caliber pistol at a parked vehicle at an apartment complex on Hemlock Drive. She is currently lodged in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $30,000 cash-only bond set by Randolph County Magistrate Mike Dyer.


She is 52 years old.

Shooting Incident

The criminal complaint states that Sheriff Rob Elbon was first on the incident scene at approximately 7:47 a.m. Friday. Upon arriving, Elbon observed a sizeable male subject, later identified as Paul Smith Jr., entering an apartment and grabbing McCauley.

Smith allegedly threw McCauley out of the apartment and into the parking lot, where Elbon advised him to release the woman, the complaint states. Smith told Elbon that McCauley had shot his child. After Elbon asked McCauley about the incident, she allegedly admitted to shooting the tires of a parking truck at the complex.

Theresa Ann McCauley Charged

McCauley was cuffed and put in a police cruiser by Senior Deputy A.M. Channell, and Corporal E.B. Carr arrived to get statements from involved parties, according to the complaint.

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The truck driver said she came to drop someone when McCauley exited her apartment with the pistol and shot at the truck. A witness stated that they saw the shooting and that the disagreement was over a parking spot at the apartment complex.


During the investigation, police found a .22 caliber shell casing in the parking lot in front of the truck. A second casing was located on a windshield wiper of an uninvolved vehicle, and an apparent gunshot hole was also found in the vinyl siding of a nearby home.

While checking for gunshot residue on the hands of McCauley, Smith approached officers and “barrelled” through them in an attempt to get to McCauley in the back of the cruiser, the complaint states. After pushing his 6-3, 300-pound frame through officers, he reached McCauley and had his left arm around her body and neck, police said.

According to the complaint, officers administered a burst of pepper spray to Smith’s face and separated him from McCauley. Smith was taken to the ground and placed in hand restraints.

One officer received an injury to his wrist during the altercation, and McCauley had a gash on her arm and complained of an injury to her back and neck due to Smith’s attack, police said.

McCauley was transported to Davis Medical Center for treatment before being taken to TVRJ.

Smith was charged with two counts of obstructing an officer and battery.

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