The NFT Whitelist keeps pure speculators at bay, giving the project’s community first access to its goods. It also prevents mass account registrations that spike gas fees and impede the minting process. NFT projects typically host giveaways and announce whitelisting instructions on their Discord servers. You can often find a link to the server on a project’s Twitter page.

How to Get on an NFT Whitelist

First of all, what is a whitelist NFT? Whitelists are a popular way for NFT project creators to limit access during pre-sale. They help prevent “gas wars” during a sale, which can drive up transaction prices due to many people minting simultaneously. To get on an NFT whitelist, you’ll need to meet the project’s eligibility requirements. It will vary from one project to the next, but most NFT projects require community involvement. It could be as simple as joining a Discord group, participating in social media giveaways, or creating fan art for the project. The most active users will often get added to the whitelist before others.

In addition to avoiding gas wars, whitelisting can also offer other benefits. Many NFT projects will give free NFTs or discounted prices to whitelist members. It is an excellent way for new users to gain exposure and learn about NFTs.

Whitelisting can also help NFTs avoid spam and bots during a sale. These are a big problem in the crypto and NFT industry and can be particularly destructive during a pre-sale. Getting on an NFT whitelist can help you avoid these issues and maximize your profits during a pre-sale. So, if you’re interested in a particular NFT, check out their whitelisting process and eligibility requirements before investing money.

Getting Started

Getting on an NFT whitelist can be very difficult and time-consuming. Usually, it requires hours of online engagement, touting the token publicly and engaging with other fans on the project’s Discord server. However, it’s important to remember that whitelist spots don’t guarantee a successful project. You could lose time and money if a project fails to gain traction. Generally, most NFT projects will give away whitelist spots to community members in exchange for promoting the NFTs. The most active users in the community are the ones who will receive these positions. Therefore, it’s essential to follow the NFT’s social media accounts and Discord server, share and retweet their posts, participate in giveaways, and invite others to join the Discord server.

Some projects also give whitelist spots to the most creative people in their community. So, if you’re artistically inclined, consider participating in art contests to make yourself more visible. Moreover, many NFTs will reward the best fan art with a spot on their whitelists. It is a great way to show your support and help the project with its promotion while having fun.

Getting Approved

There are a few ways to make it onto an NFT whitelist. First, look for a whitelist link in the project’s Discord server. It is where most NFT projects post their significant announcements, including whitelist instructions and giveaways. Alternatively, you may contact the NFT creators directly and request that they add you to their whitelist. Some projects are strict about this, and they’ll only allow you to mint NFTs if you can prove that you’re an authentic supporter of the project. It is to avoid the problem of a single person buying up all of their NFTs and flipping them for profit, destroying the value of the project in the process.

Finally, you can try to get your friends on board with the NFT project and encourage them to sign up for their Discord server or whitelist, too. Referring friends or convincing them to join their Discord servers will earn you extra rewards from many NFTs, so this is a great way to increase your chances of getting added to the whitelist. For example, some NFTs give out free altcoin tokens or exclusive items like emojis to their most supportive followers. Other projects will give you a whitelist spot if you create fan art or other forms of support.

Getting Minted

Getting on an NFT whitelist is not a quick or easy process. Getting your wallet address on the list requires significant time and effort to promote the project, share it, engage with other community members, and help on the Discord server. NFT projects are incentivized to reward whitelist members for their efforts with tokens, and they want to make sure that only genuine supporters get access to the pre-sale.

In addition to ensuring that only genuine buyers get into the pre-sale, NFT whitelists also prevent gas wars, in which thousands of people mint the same token at once, causing massive traffic on the Ethereum blockchain and raising transaction fees for everyone. NFT creators use whitelists to stagger their drop so that early fans get their NFTs first, and everybody else can purchase them over the week.

To join an NFT whitelist:

  1. Look for one on the project’s website or social media channels.
  2. Once you find it, head to the “general” section of the Discord server and ask for details on how to participate.
  3. Remember that good projects attract people, including scammers, so be careful when chatting about the project or asking for instructions.


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