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Taz Hayes

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Taz Hayes is the woman accused by Arkansas State Police of shooting another woman before Little Rock, Arkansas, Police Chief Keith Humphrey opened fire and struck a car. Videos emerged of the shooting scene, which you can watch throughout this article.


She is 29 years old.

Shooting Video

Arkansas State Police released a detailed statement on the shooting on New Year’s Eve 2021. Authorities say Hayes shot another woman named Kelecia Mayo, prompting Humphrey to open fire, striking a car.

The shooting occurred near Asher Avenue and Fair Park Lane. The Arkansas Times reported that Humphrey had joined officers on patrol on New Year’s Eve to combat violent crime in the city.

“This is an unprecedented situation because it involves our chief of police,” the Little Rock mayor wrote in a statement. “In our ongoing efforts to remain accountable, clear, and transparent, we have asked the Arkansas State Police to investigate both incidents and they have agreed. We are thankful for their cooperation. There will be no further comments while Arkansas State Police conducts its investigation.”

The Arkansas State Police released a detailed statement on the Humphrey shooting.

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“A Little Rock police officer-involved shooting incident that occurred last night (Friday, December 31, 2021) and an armed disturbance that preceded the officer’s arrival at 5103 Asher Avenue are both under investigation by the Arkansas State Police. Commanders within the Little Rock Police Department requested state police investigate the incidents since both are interrelated,” they wrote.

Taz Hayes Arrested

Hayes is under arrest in the shooting.

“State Police Special Agents assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division interviewed Hayes who was subsequently charged with battery (first degree) and incarcerated at the Pulaski County Detention Center,” the release says.

“Agents are continuing their investigation today and will later submit a case file to Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley who will use the investigation to assist him in determining whether the use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer was consistent with Arkansas law.”

According to Arkansas Online, Hayes “was involved in a road rage incident that ended at the Super stop.”

“A verbal altercation insured that turned physical,” a report obtained by the site says. “Subject exited her vehicle holding a weapon and began firing at another female, approximately six times, striking the victim.”

Mayor Statement

Little Rock’s Mayor Frank Scott Jr. released a statement on the shooting.

“On New Year’s Eve, Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey initiated an all-hands-on-deck approach to patrol, just as he’s done in the past, and required common staff to patrol the city,” the mayor wrote.

“While patrolling, Chief Humphrey saw a disturbance that, unfortunately, led to a shooting. Chief Humphrey also fired his weapon at the suspected shooter, and, as is customary practice in an officer-involved shooting, he has been placed on administrative leave. Assistant Chief Crystal Haskins is now acting Chief of Police.”