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Tassila Kenha

Tassila Kenha Wiki – Tassila Kenha Biography

Tassila Kenha was disappeared last week, has been found deceased, and according to police, her secret boyfriend is responsible.

She was last seen on August 11 in Tomé-Açu, in Quatro Bocas, Brazil. She told her family she was going to the bank and never returned. Family members said Kenha had just finished firefighter training and was pregnant by a secret boyfriend who had been pushing her to get an abortion.


She was 24 years old.


Kenha, 24, was in the early stages of pregnancy and had rowed with a secret lover who wanted her to have an abortion, say reports in Brazil.

Tassila had recently finished her training as a firefighter in Tomé-açu, in the north of the country.

Last Wednesday morning, she went missing after telling her family she was going to the bank.

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As relatives began scouring the area, they heard the heartbreaking news a body had been discovered on a rural road outside the town.

The charred corpse was still on fire after apparently being set alight, according to reports.

Found Dead

According to Roma News, police found Kenha’s body in Tomé-Açu, in northeastern Pará, hours later. Her body was still on fire when police located her. Investigators said the death had been ruled a homicide.

On Wednesday, police arrested a real estate tycoon Gilvan de Barros Pinheiro, 46, after spotting him on security footage meeting up with Kenha at a gas station. While questioned by detectives, Pinheiro allegedly admitted that Kenha was pregnant but said he didn’t know if the baby was his.

Suspect Arrested

Bank records showed he had transferred 900 reals (£123) to Tassila, which investigators believe was to pay for a termination.

He has told cops he was in a relationship with the victim for five months and that he did not know if the child was his.

Gilvan was due to be quizzed by a leading investigator in the presence of his lawyer before the case was put before a judge.

The investigation continues, with detectives reportedly seeking to find out if anyone else was involved, according to local paper O Liberal.

Gilvan de Barros Pinheiro, 46, was arrested on suspicion of murder.

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