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Stuart Jennings

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Stuart Jennings is an ex-Royal Navy submariner, who has been jailed for raping a woman he met on a dating app after forcing her to wear a dog collar and choking her.

He admitted rape and assault by penetration and sexual assault on another victim


He is 37 years old.

Rape Charges

The court heard Jennings that in 2020, Jennings began speaking to his victim on the dating site Bumble.

He invited her round his house and told her to bring an overnight bag and ‘sl***y underwear’.

A court heard how after spending the evening together the pair started to have consensual sex which soon became ‘rough and aggressive.’

Prosecutor Michael Hall said Jennings then started to choke and strangle the victim ‘until she couldn’t breathe’.

Even though the woman said she wanted to drive home, ‘manipulative’ Jennings stopped her and threatened to call the police as she had been drinking.

He then made her wear a dog collar, and when she wanted it removed, he claimed he had lost the screwdriver needed to do so.

During the night, while the victim was in bed next to him, he raped her. The court heard his terrified victim felt her only way out was to agree to have sex with him the next morning.


Submariner Jennings invited a woman round to his house, in Belmont, Herefordshire, where the pair engaged in consensual sex.

A court heard ‘manipulative’ Jennings became ‘rough and aggressive’ with the woman, including choking her ‘until she couldn’t breathe’.

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard Jennings, who was on bail for an allegation of sexual assault at the time, later raped his victim as she slept.

Judge Martin Jackson told Jennings the woman he raped did not want to engage in a certain type of sex act with him, but he carried on regardless.

Jennings, of Belmont, Hereford, admitted rape, assault by penetration, and sexual assault, on another victim. He was jailed for six years and 10 months last week.

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Jennings continued to force himself on the woman while repeatedly demanding a certain type of sex, but she continued to say no.

Other Crimes

The court was told the offense happened while Jennings was on bail for a separate allegation of sexual assault in 2019.

Mr. Hall said another woman had previously gone to Jennings’s house, and while the pair were sitting watching TV he started to make advances.

He made inappropriate comments, including demanding a particular type of sex with her as ‘that’s what a man does to control a woman’.

He continued to make advances, pinning her down on the sofa while slapping her face, pulling her hair, and biting her.

Giles Nelson, defending, said that Jennings’s actions were ‘extremely distressing’ for the women.

He told the court his client was an ‘intelligent and promising individual’ and was of previous good character.

Jennings was diagnosed with Chrohn’s disease in 2015, which is the reason he left the Royal Navy after more than eight years.

Mr. Nelson said Jennings accepted he had ‘destroyed his middle-aged life with his behavior’ and had ‘serious issues’ which he needed to address.

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