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Steve Bouquet

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Steve Bouquet knifed seven cats, killing two of them, during a month-long stabbing spree, Chichester Crown Court has heard.

Today, a professor told the trial of an alleged cat killer that he found his pet Kyo stabbed to death by the side of the road.


He is 54 years old.

Steve Bouquet Cat Killer

He allegedly approached the pets near their homes and showed them affection before pulling out a knife from his rucksack and stabbing them.

The court was told Bouquet would then walk off and leave the animals to either die or crawl home, where many later succumbed to their horrific injuries.

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The security guard at the Churchill shopping center in Brighton, East Sussex, is accused of carrying out a spate of stabbings between October 2018 and June 2019 and allegedly killing nine cats and seriously injuring seven more.


He is charged with 16 criminal damage offenses because cats, like other pets, are deemed property and are also charged with unlawful possession of a Leatherman multi-tool in public.

Bouquet, who is being tried in his absence, denies the charges.

At court, one owner, Professor Paul Tofts, told of the moment he came across his pet Kyo ‘by accident’ lying dead down the side of his house in May 2019.

He said: ‘I had to go out to meet someone and I came upon him by accident. There was blood all over the place and a trail of blood from the pavement leading to the front.’

And another described blood spurting out of a deep wound after picking up her cat Gideon, who had been found limping on his return home.


In a statement read to the court, she said: ‘He came to the bedroom door. I saw his back legs weren’t working. He was growling and hissing. It was clear something was wrong, He then threw up. I found a small blood spot on the floor beneath him.’

When her husband turned him over, they could see an inch-long slit on his left hip near his belly.

He was rushed to vets and underwent surgery to repair a puncture to his abdomen, which had damaged his colon. He was given intensive post-operative care and survived.

In another statement read to the court, Katherine Mattock said she noticed a large cut near her cat Alan’s lung area, ‘bleeding profusely.’

She said: ‘I was still in a state of shock. I picked him up and he was limp but warm. I looked at my hands which had blood on them.’

The owner said police were called, and she ran over to a nearby pub and asked the manager to come and see if her cat was dead.

She said: ‘I didn’t want to believe he was dead.’ However, she was told her cat was dead, and the body was taken to vets for examination.

A vet, Megan Prendergast, later confirmed Alan had been killed by a single, deep knife wound that had pierced his lung.

The trial continues.

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