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Stephen Chapple

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After a long-running feud, a married couple named Stephen Chapple And Jennifer And their two “Upset” The children were found dead at home the sun Reported

The two were discovered inside their home in the charming village: Norton Fitzgerald, SomersetWith significant wounds.


Stephen Chapple Was 36 Years Old, and Jennifer Was 33 years old.

Couple Found Dead

According to TheSun, Stephen Chapple, And his wife Jennifer, The accused were identified late last night.

Stephen is considered a secondary school computer teacher.

He was pronounced dead at the scene when paramedics called him around after a rescue operation. 9.45 p.m. On Sunday.

Sources said that the couple had been arguing for several weeks, which led to the attack.

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Specialist officers are caring for their two children, who were at home at the time. The couple has two young sons, aged four and seven, residents of the neighborhood said.

Suspects Arrested

Two men, Omar 34 And 67Arrested on suspicion of murder, are being questioned.

The two gentlemen are believed to be connected.

Police acknowledged that they had been called in to deal with the earlier parking dispute.

There were characteristics as victims “quite good” Neighbors at Dragon Rise’s newly built estate, where the killings took place.

According to a resident, “I knew them by sight, but I did not know their names. My dog ‚Äč‚Äčliked this woman.” sun Reported