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Who is Sherry Prose? Bio, Age, Wiki, Fired, Racist Post, Husband, Career, Facebook, Investigation

Sherry Prose

Sherry Prose Wiki – Bio

Sherry Prose, a part-time sheriff’s deputy in Michigan got canned after sharing a photo of Trump, Biden and Pence jack-o’-lanterns made from pumpkins and a watermelon one to represent Kamala Harris.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office terminated longtime employee Sherry Prose last month after she posted the Halloween/election-themed photos with the horribly racist twist.


Her age is unclear.

Sherry Prose Fired Over Racist Post

A racist Halloween decoration at home is private tastelessness, but posting it online can be a career killer particularly for a law enforcer.

The now-deleted holiday message at right, posted for 398 Facebook friends, cost Deputy Sherry A. Prose her badge and her job recently.

“The day this post came to our attention, this part-time employee immediately terminated,” says Sheriff Mike Bouchard, “and is no longer employed by the Oakland County Sheriff’s office.” His statement is tweeted Monday by WXYZ reporter Rudy Harper.

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Prose had been a part-time deputy since September 1994, her Facebook page says. It indicates she retired from another law enforcement agency.

And yes, that’s a carved watermelon reference to America’s first Black vice president-elect by a woman who was a sworn law enforcer until she showed off hatred and unbelievably bad judgment.


It’s unclear when Prose shared her post, but it featured 3 pumpkins in one photo with the caption, “Trump, Biden, Pence and Kamala. Happy Halloween.” The second photo shows Harris as a watermelon jack-o’-lantern.

Rev. Dr Wendell, president of Detroit’s NAACP branch, points out that the watermelon correlation with Black people is “linked to buffoonery and to less than.” He adds … “I believe that the intent purposely structured to diminish and to dilute the significance of the first African American … as Vice President of these United States.”

Police Chief William Riley agrees, and says that’s why they condemn the post, and “condemn it loudly.”

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  • Fired for that? Really? Is the naacp monitoring and fighting against retweets that are questionable from all county employees or are they just targeting white ones? If they aren’t, then that’s racist. Besides that meme is incorrect anyway, Harris isn’t black, she’s asain indian, white and jamaican and benefitted from her slave owning family.

    Double standards are the only standards the Democrats have

    • Where does the white come from ? Also what are Jamaican people , are they not black ? I’m sure the picture didn’t show her wishing her well Karen , I mean Margaret !!

  • Where to begin to unpack the ignorance here?

    The US Census Bureau defines “Black” as a person having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa. It includes people who indicate their race as “Black or African American,” or report entries such as African American, Kenyan, Nigerian, or Haitian. Prof. Donald Harris (the father of the VP-elect) is Jamaican. So, see that part about “[…]report entries such as[…]”? Yeah. Jamaicans fit there.

    Kamala Harris is indeed considered “Black” in the US. Yes, we’re a bit backwards here in ‘Murica. We’re not sufficiently advanced to separate “Black” any further. Anywhere else in the world, she’d be considered Jamaican-Indian (similarly, Tiger Woods would be considered primarily Thai anywhere else, as his mother is 100% Thai and his father was multi-racial).

    Pro tip: research BEFORE posting. (You’re welcome.)

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