Who is Shaquan King? Wiki, Bio, Age, Arrested, Naked Swimming, Kendall Jenner’s pool

Shaquan King

Shaquan King Wiki – Shaquan King Bio

Shaquan King, who cops say went swimming naked in Kendall Jenner’s pool and then showed up at Kylie’s house, is back in jail. He’s been busted on more charges related to his alleged skinny dip.

TMZ reports that last month, He made his way onto Kendall’s property, “removed his clothes and got into her pool before her personal security ordered him out,” and detained him until the police arrived to arrest him.


He is 27 years old.

Shaquan King Arrested

Law enforcement sources tell LAPD arrested 27-year-old Shaquan King Friday on a warrant related to the Kendall incident, just as he was being released from jail following his felony stalking arrest for the Kylie incident.

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We’re told the District Attorney sent the Kylie case back for more investigation, paving the way for King’s release, but LAPD was waiting for him and arrested him again.

This time, our sources say King was arrested on two trespassing charges, plus a count of disorderly conduct.

Kendall got a temporary restraining order Thursday against King, claiming he made it onto her Beverly Hills property Sunday morning, banged on her windows, took off his clothes, and tried to get into her pool before her security detained him.

Police eventually showed up and arrested him for trespassing, which became the first of what is now THREE arrests this week.

King allegedly spent only 6 hours in jail before venturing Tuesday to Kylie’s gated community, where he was busted for felony stalking.

Police Report

In court documents, she explained she fears for her safety, and King has now been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Kendall, Kylie, 23, and their mother, Kris Jenner, 65.

The model decided to leave her house after being informed by police that he allegedly intended to buy a gun and shoot both of them.
According to TMZ, Kendall has moved to a safe location with armed security, but it is unclear if she plans to sell her house.

In 2018, the brunette beauty was also awarded a five-year restraining order against an alleged stalker.
After he was found sitting outside her home for the second time in a week, John Ford was arrested.

After Kendall was initially given a temporary document ordering Ford to stay 100 yards away from her and her home at all times, she was later granted a more permanent protective order.

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