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Shannon O’Connor

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Shannon O’Connor is a California mother accused of hosting drunken sex parties involving teens as young as 13 at her home. According to a statement from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, prosecutors say O’Connor watched the teens engage in sexual activities and even encouraged non-consensual sex.


She is 47 years old.

Shannon O’Connor Hosted Teen Sex Parties

O’Connor, who also uses the last name Bruga, faces dozens of charges, including child endangerment, child molestation, sexual assault, and providing alcohol to minors.

According to the district attorney’s statement of facts, prosecutors say most of the accused crimes took place in Los Gatos, California, between June 2020 and May 2021. O’Connor later moved to Eagle, Idaho, and was arrested by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office in Idaho. She’ll be extradited to California to face the charges.

O’Connor is the mother of a teenage son. According to the statement of facts publicized by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, O’Connor’s son turned 15 in October 2020. He was a freshman student at Los Gatos High School and was on the football team, the Mercury News reported. A parent of one of the girls involved told the newspaper that the teens invited to the parties were friends with O’Connor’s son.

Investigators say O’Connor encouraged the young teens to have sex with each other after supplying them with alcohol and continued to insist even if the teens resisted. The teens involved also described situations that were not consensual, according to the statement of facts.

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A 14-year-old girl said she wasn’t feeling well and went to a bedroom to lay down at one party. Prosecutors said O’Connor brought one of the teenage boys to the bedroom. Investigators said the boy “digitally penetrated” the girl while she cried and that she was too drunk to resist. She told investigators that she later asked O’Connor, “Why did you leave me in there with him? You knew what he was going to do to me.” She said O’Connor laughed at her.

According to prosecutors, O’Connor pressured at least one girl to “do sex stuff” with O’Connor’s son. O’Connor is also accused of encouraging girls to go into bedrooms where a minor boy was waiting. If the girls refused, prosecutors said O’Connor would “take them aside for a private conversation” until they agreed.


The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office named O’Connor’s husband in the statement of facts. The Mercury News further identified him as the chief revenue officer for a tech firm called SlashNext.

The case summary that listed the charges against O’Connor, which the district attorney’s office made public, included the home’s address in Los Gatos, where investigators said most of the parties took place. A quick online search shows the house was last purchased in 2013 for nearly $3 million. As of this writing, it was listed for sale for more than $4.6 million.

Prosecutors said at the time of her arrest, O’Connor was living in Eagle, Idaho. It was not immediately clear when she moved from Los Gatos.

Investigators said O’Connor hid the parties from her husband. Prosecutors described one party in which O’Connor rushed all of the teens out of the house when she realized her husband was almost home.

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