Who is Samantha Moreno Rodriguez? Wiki, Bio, Age, Arrested, Kills Her Child, Police Report

Samantha Moreno Rodriguez

Samantha Moreno Rodriguez Wiki – Samantha Moreno Rodriguez Bio

Samantha Moreno Rodriguez has been arrested in Denver after her son was found dead on a hiking trail near Las Vegas last month. The body was identified as 7-year-old Liam Husted on Monday.

Liam Husted, of San Jose, California, was found dead near a freeway ten days ago but has not yet been identified.


She is 35 years old.

Incident Details

Liam was last seen travelling by car with his mother, Samantha Moreno Rodriguez. Liam was reported missing from San Jose, California after a family member told police that she hadn’t seen Liam or his mother for about two weeks. Authorities have been searching for Rodriguez since Liam’s body was identified.

Rodriguez left San Jose with her son on May 24, travelling first to Southern California and Nevada. A hiker found the boy’s body May 28 off State Route 160 near Mountain Springs just west of Las Vegas. Investigators believe his body had been recently placed there, and he was the victim of a homicide.

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Authorities were able to track the car that Rodriguez was last seen driving in California on Interstate 70 near Grand Junction. Then investigators followed her to a Denver metro area hotel room on May 31, where she checked in by herself.


Rodriguez was taken into custody by the Denver Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force led by the FBI on Tuesday morning.

Rodriguez is facing murder charges in connection to her son’s death and will be booked into a Denver metro area jail pending her extradition to Las Vegas.

Police Report

The police officer said it was clear the boy was killed, but he didn’t say how Liam died on Monday.

Describing a “heartbreaking conversation” with the boy’s father, Spencer claimed he was not suspected of killing him.

“This investigation has a lot of moving parts,” the homicide lieutenant told reporters. “He’s extremely active and continuous,” he said but didn’t say why the idea that Rodriguez could have killed Liam.

“There is nothing to indicate previous abuse that we know of,” he said.

Spencer said the mother and son left San Jose on May 24 in a dark blue 2007 Dodge Caliber sedan with the back seat full of things.

On Friday, a family friend told San José police that she hadn’t seen Samantha Moreno Rodriguez or Liam for more than a week and recognized the boy from a description made by and by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children distributed to the media.

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