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Sahayb Abu

Sahayb Abu Wiki – Sahayb Abu Bio

Sahayb Abu is from Dagenham, East London, who is accused of plotting a terror attack has told a court he wanted to start a smoothie business called ‘Healthily Wealthy.’

He told the Old Bailey he bought a trike which he planned on riding around London making cold drinks.


He is 27 years old.

Sahayb Abu Accused of plotting Sword Attack

Abu accused of plotting a terror attack has admitted buying an 18 the sword, insisting it was a prop for a rap video.

He has admitted buying the 18in the sword, a knife, a combat vest, balaclavas, and gloves before his arrest on 9 July last year – but denied he was preparing for a terror strike during the pandemic.

Jurors had already heard Sahayb unwittingly spoke with an undercover operative posing as an extremist with whom he discussed buying guns.

The officer infiltrated an allegedly extremist Telegram chat called ‘Servants of the Unseen’ to which Sahayb belonged and told members there was a way to smuggle guns into the UK.


Abu and his brother Muhamed, 32, were arrested following an operation involving the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command at their London addresses in July 2020.

Aspiring rapper Sahayb allegedly bought an 18-inch sword, knife, and body armor in preparation for an attack before he was arrested last July.

His brother is accused of failing to tell authorities what he knew of the plan.


He said of his drinks dream: ‘I wanted to have a blender in there and maybe an icebox with strawberry.

‘As well as working in shops, I wanted to go around London first thing in the morning.

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‘People going off to work would say ‘smoothies, there’s a smoothie man standing somewhere in the road selling smoothies.

‘I can’t murder, I can’t do it, I can’t have someone’s blood on my hands.

‘I can’t be that man, I’m no angel, I’ve done wrong, I’ve wronged people.

‘I’ve made my mum cry but to murder is a different story, we’re talking about taking a life unjustly I can’t be that person.’

He also denied actively keeping ‘ghastly’ videos of terrorism or Isis.

Abu added: ‘The reason why I would watch them was to get a glimpse of my two brothers if they were in the videos.

‘I believed it was propaganda, to recruit people, people who have got nothing to live for.

‘They can’t do that to me, I have got a future, I have got goals.’


Earlier in the trial, Sahayb claimed he founded charity Islamic Growth to provide irrigation for crops in Somalia and wanted to be a vegetable farmer.

But he first needed to become famous in order to earn money and attention for his cause and was planning to launch a parody rap act on Tik Tok.

Today the jury was told he and his brother fought like ‘Liam and Noel Gallagher.’

Sahayb Abu, of Dagenham in Essex, has denied preparation of terrorist acts, and Muhamed Abu, from Norwood, south London, has pleaded not guilty to failing to disclose information about acts of terrorism.

The trial continues.

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