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Ruthie Mae Brown was an Alabama Woman. She was killed on Monday in Walker County, Alabama when she was attacked by a pack of dogs while walking on a road. The tragic incident occurred on Jagger road in Nauvoo, northwest of Birmingham, on Monday afternoon. According to a Facebook post by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, “The woman was the victim of an attack from several dogs. Some of the dogs have been captured.”

 Ruthie Mae Brown Mauled to Death by Pack of Dogs 

Authorities in Alabama confirm a mother-of-four died Monday afternoon after she was attacked by a pack of dogs.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the mauling death of Ruthie Mae Brown.

The 36-year-old Jasper woman was found dead Monday afternoon in Nauvoo.

It was unclear how police became aware of the attack, but by the time they responded to the scene, Brown was already dead.

The sheriff’s office said she was attacked while walking down Jagger Road.

WBMA reports that Brown had four sons.

At this point, only some of the dogs have been captured.

One person has come forward to claim two of them, according to the Daily Mountain Eagle

The search continues for the other animals. Some are believed to be strays.

No one has been charged with a crime connected to Brown’s death.

 Witnesses Statement 

Neighbors and witnesses told WBMA that the incident has rattled the neighborhood. They said that the dog pack frequently wanders the neighborhood but Brown, being from out of town, may not have known about it. One resident of Jagger road, Robin Johnson, said she’s often seen the pack close to the railroad tracks by Johnson and Jagger roads.

“It’s got us all on edge right now,” Johnson said. “It is really scary. I’ve seen them actually attack a deer.” She said she once encountered the pack and the dogs were very aggressive toward her:

I actually had a stick in my hand which I know the owners name and I would call the owners name and they would back off. They’re really aggressive dogs. They were very aggressive. If I wouldn’t have known the owner’s name it probably would have happened to me.

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The incident is under investigation, the Daily Mountain Eagle reported. It’s unclear how many dogs were involved and what breed of dog they were, Walker County Sheriff Nick Smith told the outlet, although investigators believe there were at least five dogs. Walker County Coroner Joey Vick told the Daily Mountain Eagle that a forensic analysis of Brown’s body will provide an official cause of death. However, the outlet wrote that Vick said there was “severe trauma caused by an attack by dogs.”

Smith also stated that the dogs all had owners and were not strays. One owner has already come forward to claim two of the dogs from the attack, and officers were working to capture at least three more. The two dogs who were captured will be brought to the Walker County Humane Society, Smith told the outlet.

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