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Rusten Sheskey

Rusten Sheskey Wiki – Rusten Sheskey Bio

Rusten Sheskey, the Kenosha, Wisconsin, the cop who shot Jacob Blake in a shooting caught in a viral video, won’t deal with criminal indictments, the Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley reported in a news gathering on January 5, 2021. No different officials present that day will either, the DA said in newsgathering.

“My decision now that I announce today is that no Kenosha law enforcement officer, in this case, will be charged with any criminal offense,” said Gravely. He said that Sheskey believed that he was about “to be stabbed,” and was responding to a volatile domestic abuse situation. He also cited that there were prior contacts between Blake and the woman who called the police for domestic violence, Laquisha Booker. “A pattern is very clear,” said Graveley.


He is 31 years old.

Jacob Blake Shooting Video

The video shows three officers, including Rusten Sheskey, standing with Blake before he walks away from them. Then, an officer with a gun drawn follows Blake to the driver’s side of his car. There are multiple people in the area.

A second officer is right behind Blake. Blake, who is Black, gets in the car. The officer, who is white, then appears to shoot multiple times into the door at Blake’s back.

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The officer who fires appears to be grabbing Blake’s white shirt while firing, and it doesn’t look like Blake turned to face the officer. A second officer has his gun drawn.

Police Shooting man 7 times in back,” he wrote. “Why the f*** you shoot him that many times?” a man shouts at the officer in the video.

Rusten Sheskey Charges

A jury would be required to examine the evidence from the officer’s point of view, Graveley said. It is “incontrovertible” that Blake was armed with a knife when he was shot, Graveley said. He described it as a “razor blade-type knife” and said Blake admitted possessing it.

“It’s really evidenced about the perspective of Officer Sheskey at each moment and what would a reasonable officer do at each moment,” Graveley said. “Almost none of those things are answered in that deeply disturbing video that we’ve all seen . . . Officer Sheskey felt he was about to be stabbed.”

He added that the shooting was a tragedy for Blake, his family, police, and the community — a statement that was little consolation to the Blakes.

“Rocks and glass, that’s what we received today,” Blake’s uncle, Justin Blake, said of the announcement.

Sheskey Career

Rusten Sheskey is a Kenosha police officer who has worked as a bicycle officer and for a campus Police Department.

Sheskey has served in the Kenosha police bike unit and was an officer with the department for 6.5 years when he gave an interview to a local newspaper about his job.

He worked with the UW-Parkside Police department for three years before that, according to an article that interviewed him in The Kenosha News.

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