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Ronan Kelly

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Ronan Kelly is an Irish broadcaster. Kelly is the husband of Donna Traynor. He started his broadcasting career in Downtown Radio in 1980, and seven years later, he hosted Ulster Television’s flagship evening news program.


His age is unclear.


He is the son of Maureen and Billy. He was the youngest of five children. His father, who died in 1985, was the Deputy Lord Mayor of Larne when he was an Alliance councilor. Ronan previously said about his father: “He had a great influence on my life. I was totally devastated when he died in 1985 – he had been, and still is, a tremendous guiding force in my life.”


Broadcaster Ronan Kelly has been married to former BBC presenter Donna Traynor since 1992. He met Donna while she was completing her work experience at Downtown Radio in 1996.

“When I met Donna I was ready to settle down but I suppose I was just looking for the right woman. I was 34 when I married Donna so I had already had plenty of girlfriends and felt I had lived life to the full,” Ronan said. “We got married six years after we met in October 1992 and I have to say that it was the happiest day of my life. We got married in Dublin and spent our honeymoon in Singapore and Hong Kong.”


Ronan Kelly was diagnosed with throat cancer in April 2008. He received 20 sessions of radiotherapy at the Belfast City Hospital to rid him of the malignant tumor. Halfway through his month-long stint of radiotherapy, Ronan was hospitalized twice due to breathing difficulties.

It all began in February 2008 when Ronan became hoarse and put his loss of voice down to a cold. However, he sought medical advice a couple of weeks later when his weakened voice forced him to cancel work appointments. A return trip to his GP resulted in a referral to a top ear, nose, and throat consultant for further investigations. He was subsequently diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma, or cancerous tumor, on his right vocal cord.
Broadcaster Ronan Kelly and his wife Donna Traynor shared their story with Belfast Telegraph to raise awareness about throat cancer and carry out cancer checks.

“Early detection is crucial – it really can mean the difference between life or death. There are no prizes for ignoring the signs,” Ronan said. “Men tend not to talk about things if they have a problem and keep it all to themselves. But you shouldn’t ignore your body when it is trying to tell you something.”