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Ronald Donovan

Ronald Donovan Wiki – Ronald Donovan Biography

Authorities say that Ronald Donovan is a Cocoa man who is facing murder charges after a woman riding on his motorcycle died following a high-speed shootout with a rival biker gang.

In a news release, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said that the 33-year-old woman died hours after she was shot in the head early Friday in the gun battle on Interstate 4 between Lakeland and Orlando.


He is 38 years old.

Florida Biker Shootout

According to officials with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Polk County deputies are investigating a crash and shootings that occurred on I-4.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to two locations in Northeast Polk County shortly after midnight on Friday related to a single motorcycle crash and shooting incident that is believed to have occurred on Interstate 4 in the eastbound lanes just west of the U.S. 27 intersection, according to the report from the sheriff’s office.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd worked to explain the running gun battle on I-4, “You had a rush of testosterone and a rush of idiocy.”

Miles of I-4 east was shut down for hours overnight as Polk County investigators looked into the shooting, allegedly involving rival motorcycle clubs just after midnight.

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Sheriff Grady Judd is comparing it to a wild west shoot-out.

“Except the outlaws were not on horses, they were on motorcycles, you could say they were on iron horses,” Judd said.

Judd said one biker group passed a rival group. Then, the shooting started.

“We had bullet casings from three different firearms scattered over a half-mile,” he said.

Ronald Donovan Charged

Donovan is not accused of shooting his female companion; under Florida law committing certain felonies that result in an indirect death can be charged as murder.

Ronald Donovan, who is jailed without bond, was scheduled to have an initial court appearance Saturday. Court records did not list an attorney for him.

Donovan, who lives in Brevard County, is accused of shooting another biker in the back.

Witness Statement

Witnesses described the bikers as wearing club colors, but they weren’t wearing them when investigators arrived.

Donovan had two holsters but no guns.

“As we arrived, we saw a motorcycle leave the scene and we suspect the person on that motorcycle has the gang colors and or the firearms,” Judd said.

The sheriff said they have a lot more investigating to do.


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