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Rishi Rambaran

Rishi Rambaran Wiki – Rishi Rambaran Biography

Rishi Rambaran is a Tucson, Arizona father accused of being with a group of men who confronted an elementary school principal over a dispute about COVID-19 in a heated incident in which his friend allegedly brought along zip ties. Kelly Walker, the owner of Viva Coffee House in Tucson, posted Instagram videos related to the encounter. You can watch the videos later in this article.
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The Daily Beast named Rambaran as the only man arrested in the incident, citing local police.


He is 40 years old.

Incident Details

According to KOVA-TV, Rambaran “threatened to make a citizen’s arrest on a Vail Unified School District elementary principle” because of the school’s quarantine policy.

One video shows Walker as he and the third man walk toward the school. “Here we go into Mesquite to confront the individual for breaking multiple state laws, causing major disturbance to a family,” he says in the video.

“We are going to confront them, tell them they are breaking the law. If they don’t comply with the law we will call the sheriff and ask them to be arrested.
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If necessary, we will do a citizen’s arrest. Because these people who are supposed to be public servants can’t just take the law into their own hands and think they can just step all over parental rights.” His friend didn’t want to show his face on camera. Still, Walker led the camera a fistful of what he described as “law enforcement zip ties.
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He added, “We’re just coming up to talk first. Our public officials need to know that we mean business.”


In another video posted on the Viva Coffee House Instagram page, Rambaran said, “My son just informed us that when they pulled him from class and took him into the nurse’s station, they made him wear a mask….” He said a school official made the kids wear masks that were in a dirty trash can. He said he wanted to request “to have them arrested…This has gone too far.”

Rishi Rambaran Arrested

Police later arrested Rambaran on a trespassing charge, a misdemeanor. Police haven’t arrested anyone else yet but said the investigation is ongoing.

Last month, in a similar incident, a student and two parents were arrested on trespassing charges after they and five other adults refused to leave Walden Grove High School, in the Sahuarita School District, after arriving at the school to protest the student being told to quarantine after a COVID-19 exposure.

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