Who is Rickia Young? Wiki, Biography, Age, Beaten By Officers, Got $2 Million, Police Report

Rickia Young

Rickia Young Wiki – Rickia Young Biography

Rickia Young is a Philadelphia woman who got $2M from Philadelphia city after being beaten by officers, separated from a toddler during the unrest.

Officers smashed Young’s windows with batons when she unknowingly drove into a protest. The union later claimed on social media that officers rescued her “lost” toddler.


She is 28 years old.

Incident Details

Nursing aide Rickia Young was headed home in the early morning hours of Oct. 27, 2020, when she unknowingly drove into a large protest over the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr.

According to her attorneys, she tried to make a three-point turn to get away from the tense scene when officers smashed out her windows with their batons.

Young was handcuffed and separated from her teenage nephew and 2-year-old son for several hours, and no one was ever charged or cited, according to the woman’s lawyer. The deaf or hard-of-hearing toddler lost his hearing aids during the brawl.

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The Fraternal Order of Police, the nation’s largest police labor union, posted a Facebook picture two days later showing Young’s toddler in the arms of a Philadelphia police officer just after the incident.


Two Philadelphia policemen, an officer, and a sergeant have since been fired in connection to the treatment of Young, a city spokesperson said.

“The behavior that occurred during the interaction between Rickia Young, her nephew, her son, and some of the officers on the scene violated the mission of the Philadelphia Police Department,” Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said in a statement.

“The ability for officers and supervisors on the scene to diffuse the situation was abandoned, and instead of fighting crime and the fear of crime, some of the officers on the scene created an environment that terrorized Rickia Young, her family, and other members of the public.”

Representatives for both the national Fraternal Order of Police and FOP Lodge 5, which represents Philadelphia officers, did not immediately return messages seeking their comments on Tuesday.

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