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Rhys Christie is a Royal Navy ship’s captain, who is accused of pouncing on a vulnerable teenage cadet and raping her when she was so drunk she had vomited on a pub table.

A court-martial has heard about the ‘age and rank disparity,’ between Lieutenant Rhys Christie commanding officer of HMS Archer, and an 18-year-old officer cadet he is accused of raping during nights out in Scotland and in Kent.


He is 28 years old.

 Rhys Christie Accused of Raping Teenage Cadet 

The teenager – who was bought drinks by Lt Christie – was so drunk she vomited on a pub table and told how she had ‘no memory’ of events until she woke up ‘confused’ and naked in Lt Christie’s bed.

The officer cadet recalled how she drifted in and out of sleep but was alarmed to discover she was naked so covered herself with bedsheets.

She said: ‘I was confused, drunk, and not aware of where I was.

‘He came out of the bathroom, he walked over to me, crawled up on the bottom of the bed, climbed on top of me, and continued up.

‘It got to the point where he was positioned right in front of my head and his knees were beside my shoulders, I couldn’t move up.

‘I was almost in shock. Because of the drink, I was not fully aware of what was going on.’

She added: ‘[When I woke up again] he said I was all over him and that I had been asking for it. I was just confused.’

The woman told how she woke up confused in Christie’s hotel bed for a second time just weeks later, having been ‘extremely drunk’ the night before.

She told the hearing how she tried to leave the bed after realizing Christie was behind her. She said she was ‘pinned down,’ and unable to move during the attack.

 Court Martial 

The court-martial was told Lt Christie’s colleagues tried to get the drunk teenager back to the ship ‘for her own safety’ but the officer insisted on taking her back to his room.

Moments after the cadet woke up following the first incident, Christie allegedly pinned her down on his bed by putting his knees on her shoulders and raped her.

Lt Christie, commanding officer of Edinburgh-based Royal Navy ship HMS Archer, ‘abused his position of authority’, prosecutor William Peters today said.

Mr. Peters said the girl was raped after nights out in a town in Scotland and in Kent.

The second incident was just three days before her 19th birthday.

Lt Christie denies five counts of rape over the course of the two incidents. The court heard there was consensual sex between the two alleged attacks, but that did not give ‘blanket’ consent.

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Today at Bulford Military Court, Wilts, Mr. Peters said the pair had been part of a group watching Six Nations rugby at a pub in Eyemouth, on Scotland’s East coast.

He said: ‘She got very drunk. Due to her drunkenness, she was sick all over the floor and table.

‘While she was sitting there she was drifting off to sleep. Too drunk, the prosecution says, to have the capacity to choose to have sex with Christie in his hotel room that night.

‘She has no memory of being drunk in the pub and has a hazy recollection of walking up the stairs at the hotel and then nothing until the morning.

‘She has no memory of [the sex], we know it happened because Christie said that it did.

He said ‘She was too drunk to choose to have sex with the defendant and that would have been obvious to him.

‘In the morning she woke up in the bed to a naked Christie who appeared in the bathroom and he climbed on top of her.

‘She was still affected by the alcohol and didn’t consent, which would have been obvious.’

He added: ‘[A colleague] wanted to escort her back to the ship for her own safety… Christie intervened and said he would take her back to his hotel for her safety.

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