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Rebecca Hillman

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Rebecca Hillman is an NYC Department Of Correction Capt, who was charged Monday with criminally negligent homicide over the death of an inmate who hanged himself in his Lower Manhattan cell as she assured an officer and other detainees he was just “faking,” authorities said.


She is 38-year-old.

Crime Details

29-year-old inmate Ryan Wilson was listed for parole and theft at the Manhattan Detention Complex, also known as The Tombs, when he threatened to hang himself on November 22nd.

Wilson made a string from the sheets and tied it to a lamp in his cell, then called a correctional officer. He allegedly climbed onto a stool, wrapped the makeshift rope around his neck, and told the police officer he would kill himself if Hillman didn’t let him out, authorities said.

The officer reported the alarming testimony to Hillman who, according to court documents, had taken no action.

Wilson climbed on the bed and started a countdown before jumping. The officer requested that the cell be opened immediately so that he could be killed. A few minutes later, Hillman came out and told the other inmates that Wilson was “playing”.

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When the door finally opened, Hillman forbade the officer from entering the cell, claiming that Wilson faked the incident because he was still breathing.

“At that point, Hillman asked for non-urgent reinforcements and ordered the door to be closed while Mr. Wilson was in the locked cell,” said a press release from the Manhattan Attorney’s Office.

It took a total of 15 minutes for Hillman to finally call a medical team, authorities said. Wilson was dead when they arrived.

Hillman later filed an official report falsely claiming he immediately opened the cell door and cut off Wilson, prosecutors said.

“Ryan Wilson’s death was not just a tragedy but a crime,” Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said in a statement.


She pleaded not guilty, and since the charges are not eligible for bail, was released on her own recognizance.

“As alleged in the indictment, the death of Ryan Wilson wasn’t just a tragedy — it was a crime,” said District Attorney Cy Vance. “Our investigation shows that Captain Hillman ordered her subordinates not to take potentially life-saving measures to help Mr. Wilson, and failed to call for medical assistance expediently. This callous disregard for Mr. Wilson’s safety resulted in an irreversible loss to his family and friends, and must be held criminally accountable.”

Correction Capt. Rebecca Hillman was indicted Monday on felony charges of criminally negligent homicide and turned herself in.

The 38-year-old was flanked protectively and handcuffed as she walked into the courtroom, her face hidden by a hood, baseball cap, dark glasses, and a mask.

Hillman is accused of not taking Wilson’s suicide threats seriously, and after he committed the act saying he was faking it.

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