Who is Raymond Scholwinski? Wiki, Biography, Family, Death

Raymond Scholwinski Wiki – Biography

A sergeant with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office died Wednesday following contracting coronavirus, the administration published.
Raymond Scholwinski, 70, attacked a “brave fight against the COVID-19 virus,” referees addressed in the statement.

Raymond Scholwinski Age

Scholwinski was 70 years old.

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Family and Siblings

“He was a pleasant family person. Raymond has excellent children, grandchildren, and a fabulous spouse. Their super personalities, I was with them the latest night continuously about 11:30 and I think the species is doing great both in big spirits,” said assistant Steven Chapman.

Cause of Death

Sgt. Scholwinski started his service with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as a substitute agent in 1979. And next moved on to work with perfection as a full-time officer for 26 years,” judges signed. Officials earlier told KPRC 2 that he had gone the whole time with HCSO for 1994.

On April 8th, features of Scholwinski’s species and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office were a prayer vigil for him while he was in the ICU. A couple of Scholwinski’s sons served the watch and one of them expressed a word on the support of the family, acknowledging the society for its care.

“While he strength be moved from our views has not moved from our hearts,” stated Deputy Johnny Lunches.
At the time of his passing, Scholwinski was the day shift Agreement Sergeant in District two in Humble.
“Sgt. Scholwinski consistently followed the citizen of Harris County with character, charm, and style. He will be missed by his numerous friends and partners, all of whom were undoubtedly inspired by his dedication to service,” officials wrote in a statement Wednesday.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said he “embodied the most excellent of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office species.” On Twitter, he received the message with only one word — “Heartbroken.”
Cremation forms for Scholwinski are pending.

As of Monday, 247 employees of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office had agreed on coronavirus of which 220 served in the Harris County Jail, officials announced. There were more 402 Harris County Sheriff’s deputies, custody officers, and support staff below quarantine.



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