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Ray Lin Howard

Ray Lin Howard Wiki – Ray Lin Howard Biography

Ray Lin Howard is a plus-sized rapper and stylist claiming an Alaska Airlines flight attendant kicked her off an airplane because she was wearing a crop top.

The claim was made in a TikTok video by Howard from Fairbanks, Alaska. She posts under the handle @fattrophywife. In September 2021, she posted a video on the matter that she captioned, “@alaskaair Flight attendant harassed and called the airport police on me for my inappropriate outfit. #bbw #plussize #plussizeedition #bbws #fyp.”


She is 33 years old.

Incident Details

Fairbanks, Alaska resident Ray Lin Howard shared an unfortunate incident on TikTok which showed her being kicked off of a flight for being “fat, tattooed and mixed-race”. The 33-year-old claimed that she was escorted out of the flight as her “stomach was showing” while seated.

Since sharing the incident online through her @fattrophywife account on TikTok, Lin Howard’s video has garnered over 1.3 million views.

The plus-size stylist shared the experience which took place on Alaska Airlines on September 3, 2021. She posted the TikTok on her Instagram page as well.


@Alaska Airlines called the police on me for wearing this outfit #bbw #plussize #plussizeedition #flying #airline #alaskaairlines #bbws #thicktok

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As Ray Lin Howard boarded the flight wearing biker shorts and a crop top, a flight attendant allegedly harassed her for her attire. Airport police officers were seen escorting Lin Howard through the airport.

In a video shared online, she said:

“I was harassed about my outfit — I put my shirt back on. They asked me to put my shirt back on. [So] I put my shirt back on, and then, they approached me again, saying that I can’t wear this, my stomach is showing — and it’s inappropriate.”

After the flight attendants insisted that Ray Lin Howard cover herself up, the TikToker claimed to have done so by putting a leopard print shirt over herself, but that did not suffice.

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She also stated that she was wearing a sports bra underneath, which she proved. However, airport authorities found their way to her again as flight officials approached her for the third time.

Ray Lin Howard told the airport officials:

“If you’re going to kick me off, kick me off. I’ve done what you asked me to do. I want you to leave me alone.”

Airline Statement

On TikTok, Howard calls herself “Rapper, stylist, entrepreneur.” She links to a rap video she recorded on YouTube.

According to TMZ, Alaska Airlines said in a statement that the airline had reached out to Howard and was “committed to finding out what happened and taking the appropriate actions.” Alaska Air told TMZ: “It’s our goal to provide caring service to all of our guests. When we don’t live up to that goal, we do everything we can to make it right.”

Howard said in another video that the airline gave her discounts and apologized after the incident went viral. Howard shared a comment by another passenger who wrote, “I was on your flight and the only voice I heard raised at all was the [flight] attendant. This was f’d up. I am glad they let you go and you made your performance. I sent in a complaint to the airline about your being escorted off too.”

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