Who is Ratasha La Shawn Martinez? Wiki, Biography, Age, Arrested, Locked Child in Garage

Ratasha La Shawn Martinez

Ratasha La Shawn Martinez Wiki – Ratasha La Shawn Martinez Biography

Ratasha La Shawn Martinez was arrested after investigators determined that a child was locked in a garage as punishment.

Police spokesperson Ofelia Miramontez said detectives with the special victims unit got the case on a referral from Family Protective Services.


She is 45 years old.

Incident Details

Investigators say they determined that an eight-year-old girl was placed in a garage for what the victim described as” a long time” as a form of punishment because she had touched another person’s food in the household.

Miramontez said that while the victim was in the garage, she became hungry and ate some dog food.

When the suspect found out, the victim said she was assaulted.

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The victim was also punished for soiling herself while being made to stay in the garage and had to stay in that condition until she was allowed back into the house.

Woman Arrested

The investigation began in April when detectives first got the case.

A complaint was filed, and a warrant was issued for a charge of injury to a child, and the woman, identified as 45-year-old MsĀ  Martinez, was arrested.

She was booked into the Bell County Jail Monday night and remained in the jail Tuesday with her bond set at $200,000.

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