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Rafael Reyes Wiki – Biography

Rafael is a Mexican-American artist, writer, and musician. His song is largely concentrated on the facts of street and band life. Rafael was one of the parts of the Sherman 27th Street Hill Park gang as a youth.

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Rafael Reyes Married Life

Reye has wedded to Kat Von D for February 2018. The duo joined the bond in the neighborhood of their family and familiar friends in the ceremony held in Beverly Hills. Surprisingly, the duo opted to drive a five-foot round stage in the center of the room rather than driving the fabulous way. At the marriage, Rafael’s spouse used a red dress that was made with a horn on top. The day was deserving recognizing for Rafael as his bride made her version of “In My Arms” in the presence of the guests.

Another major thing that started the day also more special was when Rafael became choked while maintaining his vows due to which he had to settle for a time only to cry. Other than that, the most beautiful thing regarding their marriages was their red velvet cake, which developed into a large castle. Both provided the vegan meal to the guests.

Wife: Kat Von D

Kat Von D is a Mexican local tattoo designer who has highlighted in popular TLC programs such as Miami Ink and LA Ink. She cut out of high school at the age of 16th to seek a profession as a tattoo designer. Besides being a Tattoo designer, she is also a writer of the book High Voltage Tattoo which placed in the top ten on the New York Times Best Sellers List. Also, Kat started a cosmetic line named Kat Von D Beauty brand by Sephora in 2008. However, she marketed her label to Kendo, her companion for the prior eleven years.

Rafael Reyes Children

Collectively, Rafael and his wife Kat become a son. 3 months after their wedding, both welcomed their initial child boy, Leafar Von D Reye in May 2018. The couple called their son behind Rafael’s stage name, Leafar Seyer, in which the singer works as the best singer of his group, prayers. Rafael is also the father of a girl. But the father-daughter couple is not in a valid term. In an interview with KO63 Music, he declared that Rafael revealed by his daughter and some of his friends back in 2010. He stated,

“We were thought to be holding each other’s back, and both were f***ing my daughter.” Um, yikes you people”.
While the event happened, his daughter was a minor kid. However, blank appeared to improve the process the singer thinks regarding her. But, Rafael did hit her in mid-July 2019, following a duo of years.


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