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Quawan Charles

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The body of Quawan Charles was found in a sugar cane field Nov. 3 near the village of Loreauville, about 20 miles from his father’s home in Baldwin. Charles disappeared from the home on Oct. 30. The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office said it is investigating the “suspicious circumstances” of the teen’s death but has released few details.

The mysterious death of a Black boy whose body was found in a sugar cane field in rural Louisiana four days after his parents reported him missing to local police has prompted calls for an independent investigation.


He was 15 years old.

Quawan Charles Found Dead On November 3

Bobby was taken on Oct. 30 by a woman and her 17-year-old son from his home in Baldwin, a small town halfway between Lafayette and Morgan City, said Chase Trichell, the family’s attorney.

At about 3 that afternoon, Bobby’s mother, Roxanne Nelson, tried to call her son to figure out where he was.

At 8 p.m., no one had heard from Bobby, and his mother was worried. His parents reported him missing to the Baldwin Police Department, which told them he was probably at a football game, Trichell said.

No Amber alert was issued after his family reported him missing.

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The family got a tip on Bobby’s location from a friend and called the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office.

On Nov. 3 he was found in Iberia Parish, 20 miles away from his home, dead in a sugar cane field in Loreauville.


He was the son of Kenneth Jacko and Roxanne Nelson.

Family Statement

Charles’ parents are distraught and did not want to be interviewed Friday, Haley said, adding that they had given him permission to speak on their behalf.

The parents said a teenage friend and his mother had picked Charles up around 3 p.m. the day he went missing and taken him to their home in Loreauville, while his father was at a store, Haley said. Charles’ parents said they did not know the family and had not given them permission to take him, Haley said.

Police Report

Louisiana State Police spokesman Lt. Nick Manale said Friday that the agency “was not contacted in reference to the missing individual and is not currently part of the ongoing investigation.

“We have seen nationwide the collective indifference for the value of a Black life,” Haley said. “That’s something that has been put at the forefront of the national conscience this year starting with the killing of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery.”

“So when you talk about this thing called systemic bias or racism in law enforcement,” he added, “it’s not just getting pulled over and beaten. It’s situations like this. It’s a missing child.”

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