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Peter Ikonomou

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Peter Ikonomou was charged with murder after police said he killed his girlfriend with a sword and then called 911 to find the thieves responsible for the murder.

Ikonomou was arrested on Tuesday after his girlfriend. Mandy SingerThe 35-year-old was found dead in his wardrobe in Braywood with his sword still stuck in his back.


He is 37 years old,

Incident Details

The crime came to light when Ikonomou’s mother went to his apartment to investigate.

Police say Ikonomou made up a crazy story and told 911 that “fake cops and lock makers” tried to break into his home.

However, Ikonomou, who appears to be heavily intoxicated, was seen screaming on his balcony that he had killed someone when his mother and her boyfriend tried to enter.


Police intervened at the 85th Road apartment around 1:40 a.m., where they found Ikonomou swinging a cane on the stairs.

Ikonomou allegedly told police his girlfriend was “in the closet”, and a search revealed Singer’s body was protruding from his back in a closet containing multiple stab wounds and a 46-inch sword.

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It is unknown what he will do after leaving the post.

Ikonomou has already been the subject of seven arrests, including drug possession and driving under the influence, police said.

In April, the killer is being held in Nassau County on a charge of reckless possession of a controlled substance and driving without a license.

No motive has been identified for the killings.

The Economist has been charged with murder, manslaughter, assault and possession of an illegal weapon.

It was not immediately clear if Ikonomou had a lawyer.