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Paul Millachip

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Paul Millachip was a British citizen killed by a great white shark while swimming in the sea as his wife and children watched from the shore, it was reported.

Millachip was in the sea off Western Australia, where he frequently swam when he was attacked by shark witnesses who said it was around 14ft long.


He was 57 years old.

Incident Details

According to 9News, a giant shark was reportedly seen in the water before Mr. Millachip was killed.

But Mrs. Millachip said the attack off Port Beach in Fremantle “came out of the blue”, news.com.au reports.

Mr. Millachip was a regular at the famous beach, and his two adult children were also there at the time of the attack.

His wife said a group of teenage boys who saw what was happening rushed into the sea to warn other swimmers about the danger.

“Rest in peace Paul,” she said while holding back tears while speaking to the media, adding: “He died doing what he enjoyed doing the most, which was exercising.”

Emergency services were called to Port Beach at North Fremantle just after 10 am on Saturday after reports of the attack on Mr. Millachip,

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It was witnessed by several people, including four teenage boys who raced along the shoreline in their dinghy to warn others.

“It must have been an absolutely terrifying experience for them, so my heart goes out to them,” Mrs. Millachip said as her voice wavered.

“I thank them for what they did. Amazing. They could potentially have saved other lives.”

The couple was originally from the UK, but the rest of their family could not travel to support them during the tragedy because of border restrictions, she said.

Mrs. Millachip said her partner of 35 years was superfit and did triathlons and marathons.

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