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Patsy Stevenson

Patsy Stevenson Wiki – Patsy Stevenson Bio

Patsy Stevenson was one of the people arrested at the vigil for Sarah Everard. She branded the Met Police as “disgraceful” claiming cops threw her to the floor.

Patsy Stevenson is from Southend. She is a part-time model and actress.

She is a former pupil of Cecil Jones Academy and South Essex College, according to the Echo.


She is 28 years old.

Patsy Stevenson Arrested

Scenes turned ugly at Clapham Common, South London, on March 12, 2021, as cops dragged people away from a candle-lit shrine around a bandstand, where hundreds had gathered to pay their respects to Sarah Everard.

Reclaim These Streets had planned an organized vigil for the dead woman but it had been called off after police threatened to fine the organizers £10,000 each for breaking the Covid lockdown restrictions.

Patsy Stevenson was arrested during the vigil, and said it was “disgraceful” for cops to break up what she said was a “peaceful protest”.

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Dramatic pictures showed a masked Ms. Stevenson being held on the ground by two officers as she is handcuffed.

Ms. Stevenson told Counterfire: “I was arrested by police for standing there. I wasn’t doing anything, they threw me to the floor.

“They have pictures of me on the floor being arrested. I’m 5ft 2 and I weigh nothing.”

Ms. Stevenson said she was “surrounded by 10 police officers” before being arrested.

She said: “Several police were on my back trying to arrest me. They arrested me in cuffs and dragged me away surrounded by 10 police officers.

“When I got in the van they said ‘all we need is your name and arrest and then we’ll let you go with a fine’, so I don’t see the point of the arrest, to be honest.”

She may now challenge the £200 fine she had received.


“I don’t believe that I did anything wrong,” she said.

Ms. Stevenson told LBC: “We were there to remember Sarah, we all felt deeply saddened and still do that it happened so I brought a candle with me but unfortunately wasn’t even able to light it to put it down because the police turned up and barged their way through.”

The Met Police have confirmed that four people were arrested during the clashes.

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