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Patrick Rose

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Patrick Rose is a former Boston Police officer, who alleged child molesting in 1995, but he stayed on the force – and worked on child sexual abuse cases.

An investigation from The Boston Globe found that Boston Police knew of the evidence against Rose regarding the allegations and still allowed him to serve as a patrolman.


He is 66 years old.

Patrick Rose Child Sex Alligations

According to the newspaper, the police department filed a criminal complaint against him in 1995 for sexual assault involving a 12-year-old boy.

The protest was dropped, but the department conducted an internal investigation which found that he likely committed a crime.

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Boston Police wouldn’t tell the newspaper what disciplinary action was taken against Rose.

Even with these inquiries, the department allowed Rose to serve as a patrolman for 21 years, eventually becoming a head of a union representing patrol officers, according to the Globe.


The investigation from the Globe further found that after the 1995 incident, Rose was still allowed to contact vulnerable children and was even called to testify as to the arresting officer in a child sexual assault case in 2006.

The news comes after Rose reportedly faces over 30 charges of sexual abuse of minors aged seven to 16 in Suffolk Superior Court.

He is currently held in jail for $200,000 cash bail.

Boston Mayor Statement

Acting Boston Mayor Kim Janey (D) told the Globe that the department’s behavior was

“It is appalling that there was a documented history of alleged child sexual abuse, yet this individual was able to serve out his career as an officer and eventually become the head of the patrolmen’s union for several years,” she added.

“Under no circumstance will crimes of this nature be tolerated under my administration, and we will not turn a blind eye to injustices as they arise.

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