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Normunds Kindzulis

Normunds Kindzulis Wiki – Normunds Kindzulis Bio

Normunds Kindzulis was a gay paramedic, who was burned alive in a ‘homophobic attack’ as his home set on fire. Investigators in Latvia are being urged to treat the alleged arson attack death of paramedic Kindzulis as a homophobic hate crime

Kindzulis dies after he was doused in flammable fuel and set ablaze in the suspected arson at his home.

The victim was tragically unable to survive the horrific injuries that left him with burns to 85% of his body.


He was 29 years old.

Normunds Kindzulis Burned Alive

Kindzulis, a 29-year-old medical assistant, suffered burns on 85 percent of his body on 23 April in the sleepy, historic town filled with red-bricked churches and wood-carding mills.

But after a scuffle allegedly broke out in the apartment complex he lived in, he had his clothing soaked with fuel and was lit on fire in what advocates are urging the police to consider as a homophobic hate crime.

Another gay man suffered burns as he desperately sought to save Kindzulis as he was engulfed in a fire that razed the building.

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Kindzulis was rushed to Riga, the capital of Latvia, for treatment. However, in a tragic turn, the European Pride Organizers Association confirmed on Twitter Wednesday that it had learned that Kindzulis had passed away.

He was, the group said, a “victim of [a] homophobic arson attack”.

EPOA Statement

The EPOA wrote on Twitter: “Normunds Kindzulis, a victim of the homophobic arson attack in Latvia last week, has succumbed to his injuries. Our deepest condolences to his partner and family and all our community in Latvia.”


Local police initially refused to open an investigation, according to Euractiv – which added that the authorities have not ruled out the young man taking his own life.

An investigation has now been launched into the paramedic’s death.

Police officer Andrejs Grishins said on Thursday: “Bringing someone to the brink of suicide is also a crime.”

Kindzulis had reportedly faced homophobic death threats in Riga before seeking refuge in the quiet town of Tukums, where he was said to have been physically assaulted at least four times.

The second burns victim claimed the pair had reported a neighbor to the authorities for threatening and jeering at them in the five-story building they lived in.

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