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Nina Bailey

Nina Bailey Wiki – Nina Bailey Biography

Nina Baileyis an Instagram model, who was left horrified after claiming an £18 Missguided jumpsuit ‘ruined’ her brand new £60,000 supercar.

Bailey is from London, who splashed the eye-watering five-figure sum on the new Porsche Macan less than a year ago, says she was furious to find the cream suede car seat had blackened with dye.


She is 30 years old.

£18 Missguided jumpsuit ‘ruined’ Porsche By Leaving Black Stains

She claims Missguided have apologised but ‘haven’t accepted liability’, as they informed her the product had been tested and ‘the dye does not transfer’.

Nina claims she’s since approached various garages who said the upholstery is unsalvageable.

But she has resorted to taking the car back to Porsche themselves who said they can try to get the dye out – but that there is ‘no guarantee it will definitely come out’.

The loyal Missguided shopper was forced to throw away her bedding and won’t be wearing the ‘dreaded’ jumpsuit again or making further orders until the problem is sorted.

Nina Bailey Statement

Nina said: ‘The jumpsuit has 100 per cent ruined my seat.

‘I was really gutted when I saw it – I thought “Oh my god, imagine how much that’s going to cost to fix” for an £18 item. I was really frustrated about it.

‘I’ve been to loads of different garages and because they are dyed cream suede seats, it’s not going to come out.

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There was no product information saying that it might run, nothing at all – which was a bit annoying.

‘I’ve been able to throw away the bedding but I can’t just get a new seat because it’s a Porsche – it’s kind of stuck with me now.’

Nina said that she first wore the jumpsuit whilst she was at home ‘chilling’ and watching a film and noticed that the dye transferred on to her white bedding – which she has had to throw away.

She added: ‘I realised when I stood up that my whole sheets, pillowcases and everything was literally black from the dye – I was like “what the hell?”

‘I washed it because of what had happened and went out in my car and the next morning when I got back in it I realised what had happened.

‘I thought “Oh my God, that jumpsuit again”.

Missguided Spokesperson Statement

A Missguided spokesperson said: ‘We understand the disappointment – we obviously take claims of this kind seriously.

‘We’re currently looking thoroughly at what happened and we’ll keep our customer updated on the progress.’

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