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Nicola Tanturli

Nicola Tanturli Wiki  Nicola Tanturli Bio

Nicola Tanturli went missing on Tuesday in Tuscany has been found alive, the prefecture of Florence said on Wednesday.

He was found around three kilometers from home and is in good condition, sources said.


He is 21 months old.


Nicola Tanturli, the 21-month-old child, who disappeared from the evening of Monday 21 June, in Campanara, in the municipality of Palazzolo Sul Senio (Florence), in the Upper Mugello,

Found Alive

This was announced on Wednesday morning, shortly after 9.30, by the prefecture of Florence. To find the child was a Rai journalist, correspondent of the transmission La vita indirect, Giuseppe Di Tommaso. Nicola is in good condition, but he was taken to hospital for tests: he was in a ravine about 3 km from home and dropped to 25 meters. Di Tommaso heard complaints coming from the bluff and called the carabinieri: “I was going up a dirt road.

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He heard a lament coming from a slope. I was alone because I had felt bad just before, and I had stopped the car to recover. So I started saying “Nicola, Nicola,” first in a low voice, then screaming, until I heard clearly “Mom!”. It was Nicola. The escarpment was very steep, so I helped the carabiniere up with the child, we picked him up in stages,» he told Adnkronos . «I heard Di Tommaso amidst emotions, tears, and joy, he called me and told me: “He is alive, he is alive!” Said Alberto Matano, presenter of Live Life.

As soon as he spotted it, Nicola immediately asked about his mother. “He looked pretty sad and scared, but he seems to be okay. We were lucky, ” said the mayor of Palazzolo sul Senio, Gian Piero Moschetti.

Police Report

The parents Leonard and Josephine, who have already been able to be with her son, living in a cottage among the forests in and they beekeepers. «Here, the children play freely. They are always out Maybe he was looking for us who were out and got lost,» said Leonardo Tanturli, in the feverish hours of research.

The couple said they put Nicola to bed at 7 pm. At midnight they realized he was gone.

Since Tuesday morning, dozens of people had been activated: firefighters, mountain rescue, dog units, drones, carabinieri, voluntary associations, locals, civil protection.

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