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Nick Alexander

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Nick Alexander is a Brit contractor who shot dead two ISIS militants with an AK47 during the Mozambique massacre and then hid out in the jungle grinned as he was pictured being rescued.

He is a dual British-South African citizen, spent two nights crawling through bushland before being picked up with his colleague, Niraj Ramlagan, by South African mercenaries at the weekend.


His age is unclear.

Nick Alexander Attacked By ISIS Militants

Mr. Alexander, a contractor building camps for gas workers in Africa, has since made contact with his daughter Jayde, 29, in Johannesburg.

“He saw the commotion with the ambush ahead and got out,” she revealed.

“There was a government vehicle with an AK47 in it, so he broke in, got it, and shot dead two al-Shabaab’s [militants].

“He and two others from the car then ran to hide into the bushes with the gun.

“They were literally crawling through the bush until they were rescued.”

Earlier we reported how 40 ex-pats are missing and seven have been left dead including one Brit after ISIS gunmen ambushed the convoy as it fled a hotel siege.

The convoy of foreign contractors was attacked by Islamic State fanatics near Africa’s biggest gas project.

Scores of locals, including young children, have also been slaughtered during the five-day siege of the mining town.

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Others are believed to be possibly being held hostage by the ISIS insurgents, the Sunday Times reported.

Eyewitnesses claimed dead bodies – many of them beheaded – were piling up.

Around two hundred ex-pat workers had been holed up in the Amarula Palma Hotel.

The British man, who has not been named, was killed when he tried to break the siege by smashing through the rebel lines in a convoy of 17 cars.

Rescued From Mozambique

At least 40 ex-pats, including British, French, and South African nationals, are still missing.

According to a report in The Daily Telegraph, a Brit named Philip Mawer has not been heard from since attempting to flee the town of Palma on Friday.

Mr. Mawer, believed to be in his 50s, is understood to have been with around 200 other expatriates at the hotel, the newspaper reported.

He works for RA International, a Dubai-based firm that provided accommodation and other logistics for expatriate workers.

A statement from the firm said: “Our last communication with him was on Friday afternoon after which he was part of a convoy of vehicles that left the Amarula Lodge later that day.

Mr. Alexander smiled with relief and held his thumbs up for the camera as he was rescued via helicopter after evading an ambush.

The former cop was at the back of a convoy of ex-pats that came under heavy fire from militants while leaving Palma in northern Mozambique, on Friday evening, reports the Times.

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