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Nenobia Washington

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Influencer Nenobia Washington, also known as “The Queen of Brooklyn,” appears to have fallen to her death from a building at least that’s what the police investigation’s turned up so far.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police and paramedics responded around 7:40 PM Saturday and found Nenobia unconscious and unresponsive in front of an NYC building.


She was 38 years old.


According to members of her family, Washington, an Instagram influencer who went by the name “The Queen of Brooklyn,” reportedly passed away.

“Nenobia AKA The Queen of Brooklyn/B.K. Tidal Wave’s sister list confirmed to me that she passed away,” read a tweet from the Rap Alert account.

A person claiming to be the influencer’s cousin later shared a post that seemingly confirmed Washington’s death.

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“This is A Sad Sad Day,” wrote Dupree Frederick. “I can’t believe I’m writing R.I.P. to My fam/ Lil Cuzzin/Lil sis Zenobia R.I.P You Will be Truly missed May God bless your soul,” he added. “This is fuckin me up right now.”


The Queen of Brooklyn was known for her comedic antics on social media, but her interview with HotNewHipHop in 2015 brought her to Instagram fame. In the clip, she humorously predicts that Hillary Clinton will become president, denounces ISIS, and expresses her love for Brooklyn’s own JAY-Z.

When asked if she was aware of the streaming service TIDAL, she said, “That’s my shit. I fucks with JAY-Z.”

“JAY-Z earned all his money. JAY-Z is not Illuminati. You hating ass niggas that’s hating on JAY, If he wants to be Illuminati, let him, but JAY-Z is a real nigga,” Washington continued before playing and rapping along to Hov’s “Imaginary Players.”

As news of Washington’s death circulated the internet, TIDAL was one of many to pay homage to the social media star. “Our hearts are with BKTIDALWAVE and her family today,” they penned in a tweet. “Rest In Peace to The Queen of Brooklyn.”


Details regarding Washington’s death have not been disclosed, but rumors claim she was missing the day before she passed away. She leaves behind a son, who reportedly created a GoFundMe to help raise $8,000 for his mother’s funeral costs.


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