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Natasha Adams

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Natasha Adams was a mum of three who has been found dead at her home just hours after a mental health crisis team allegedly failed to turn up for an emergency appointment.

Her relatives said community mental health staff were due to visit her flat on August 12, BirminghamLive reports.

However, the NHS workers did not show up and only arrived hours after her body was found by a neighbor the next day, her family claimed.


She was 25 years old.

Incident Details

She was from Solihull, went to A&E at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital on August 11 to seek help for her severe anxiety.

It is understood she saw staff from Solihull and Birmingham Mental Health Hospital Trust, who are based at the site.

Her family claim they were told the community mental health staff at the hospital arranged for someone from their home care team to visit Natasha at her flat on Thursday.

But they claim they never turned up, only arriving hours after her body had been discovered on Friday.

Heartbroken mum Marie said ‘Tasha’ had been on a family holiday to Scotland with her parents and children when she decided to drive back to Birmingham.

Late on Wednesday, August 11, she visited QE Hospital to request help for severe anxiety.

Marie, from Shirley, said: “She went to A&E. The hospital said they would arrange for the mental health home care crisis team to come and see her the following morning.

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“So Tasha left the hospital at about 1.30 am on Thursday. I think she’d been there for about three hours.

“After Tasha’s death, the crisis team told me they had been due to visit her on a Thursday morning. They said, ‘We’re so sorry, there’s going to be an investigation.

“They sent someone out to see Tasha for the first time on Friday, August 13 at 11 am, by which time she was dead.”

Natasha was the eldest daughter of parents Marie and Steve, who have five other children.

Mother’s Statement

Her mum said the former hairdresser had suffered from mental health issues from her school days when she had also needed a heart operation.

Marie said: “She was bullied at school, so she came out of school early.

“She had heart surgery when she was younger, and I think the bullying and the heart surgery triggered her mental health problems.

“She didn’t finish her last two years at school and then went to Solihull College. She got maths, English and ended up going to college, and then when she was pregnant with her eldest, she qualified as a Level 3 hairdresser.

“She did that for a while and loved it. All her friends were getting free haircuts and hairstyles and coloring.”

But the mental health issues continued into adulthood, eventually seeing Natasha diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2020.

Her mum said: “She had terrible lows, terrible highs. I took over the call with the doctor because he said everyone gets highs and lows.

“When she was high, they were happy highs. With the lows, she might go to bed but still did the school runs.

“But she always put a smile on her face when she saw people. She helped so many people with mental health literally.

“There was one young woman Natasha sat with for 13 hours because this young woman was suicidal. That young woman has told us that if it weren’t for Natasha, she wouldn’t be here with her children.”

Natasha’s own three devastated boys, aged one to seven, are now being looked after by her parents.

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