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Monique Munoz

Monique Munoz Wiki – Monique Munoz Bio

Monique Munoz is described as having been a “beautiful, accomplished woman” – died on Feb. 17 after her car was crushed in a collision

The teenage son of a multimillionaire was booked for vehicular manslaughter after allegedly fatally injuring Monique Munoz in a high-speed crash last month, according to police.


She was 32 years old.

Monique Munoz Killed

Police say the teen, 17, collided his Lamborghini SUV into Munoz’s Lexus at the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Overland Avenue in Los Angeles. She died at the scene at the age of 32.

“On February 23rd, 2021 [the teen] was booked for 192(C)(1) PC, Vehicular Manslaughter. The case will proceed through the judicial process,” the Los Angeles Police Department shared in a press release on Wednesday.

The District Attorney’s Office has not yet filed charges and has not decided what those charges would be if filed.

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In another statement posted on Twitter, the LAPD revealed the teenager “was absentee booked due to being hospitalized for minor injuries sustained during the collision.”


The father of the juvenile suspect on Wednesday posted a statement to Instagram apologizing to the Munoz family:

“I am aware that the time it has taken me to communicate this has caused further pain for everyone affected. Knowing that this will never do justice for the family of Monique Munoz, I want to apologize to the Munoz family for the tragic loss of their daughter. There are no words I can say to alleviate the pain that you are experiencing. And I realize none of my words or actions will be able to bring back your daughter.

Still, I want to offer my support in any way you will allow me to. My family and I pray for the Munoz family.”

The suspect’s father said his son suffered brain damage from the crash. He later spoke on camera to again apologize to the Munoz family.

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