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Mona Rodriguez

Mona Rodriguez Wiki – Mona Rodriguez Biography

Mona Rodriguez is a Long Beach, California, woman on life support after being shot in a car by a school safety officer. Video shows the shooting.

“She is on life support at the moment, and we are hoping for a miracle,” family member Iran Rodriguez wrote on a GoFundMe page for Rodriguez, where the family has shared a series of heartbreaking photos of her in the hospital.


She is 18 years old.

Incident Details

Two young women were fighting in a parking lot Monday afternoon when a nearby Southern California high school safety officer pulled his car into the lot to see what was going on.

Shortly after he got out of his vehicle, several people believed to be involved in the physical altercation tried to speed away in a sedan, according to authorities. But as the car took off, the Long Beach Unified School District officer began shooting, according to a video of the incident posted to social media.

One of the women involved in the fight, Mona Rodriguez, 18, is now brain dead after the school safety officer fired his gun twice at the car and struck her in the back of the head, her family’s attorney told The Washington Post. Rodriguez, the mother of a 5-month-old boy, was expected to be taken off life support on Thursday afternoon.

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“The officer took it upon himself to whip out his gun and start shooting at a moving vehicle,” Michael Carrillo, the attorney for Rodriguez’s family, told The Post. “There’s no justification for what he did.”


The video shows the officer breaking up a fight. Then, he is standing near the car when it drives off, coming close to hitting him. The officer opens fire at that moment.

Her full name is Manuela Rodriguez. The Carrillo Law Firm sent a letter to the California Attorney General on September 29, 2021. The law firm represents Rodriguez’s family. The letter says she was “tragically shot on September 27, 2021, by a Long Beach Unified School District Resource Officer, and she currently remains in the intensive care unit of Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.”

According to the letter, videos from bystanders showed “this School Resource Officer taking reckless action when he shot into a moving vehicle and gravely injured Ms. Manuela Rodriguez.” She was the passenger in a vehicle being driven by her boyfriend, Rafeul Haider Chowdury, “ when she was unjustifiably shot.” The letter says there was “no justification for using deadly force against Ms. Rodriguez because Ms. Rodriguez did not pose an imminent threat to the officer when the officer shot her.”

The Los Angeles Times says that video evidence shows “the sedan exiting the parking lot and nearly clipping the safety officer.”


Yessica Loza organized a GoFundMe page to help Rodriguez and her family. It’s raised more than $15,000.

“I am making this go fund me because today my cousin-in-law was shot behind her head by a school safety guard,” she wrote.

Police Report

The Superintendent of Schools, Jill A. Baker, released an open letter on Facebook that addressed what happened.

“The opening of this school year, after a year and a half of most LBUSD students being at home for school, has been filled with many highs and some absolute lows. One of those lows occurred yesterday afternoon when an LBUSD school safety officer discharged his duty weapon while responding to an altercation at the corner of Spring Street and Palo Verde Avenue. This incident has greatly impacted our school district community, and we are collectively holding the shooting victim in our thoughts,” the superintendent wrote.

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