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Miya Ponsetto

Miya Ponsetto Wiki – Miya Ponsetto Bio

Miya Ponsetto is a woman from Simi Valley, California, who has been identified as the so-called “SoHo Karen” who was caught on video falsely accusing Black musician Keyon Harrold’s 14-year-old son, Keyon Harrold Jr., of stealing her iPhone and then assaulting him and his father when they tried to leave the lobby of the Arlo SoHo Hotel on December 26.

Ponsetto has not been charged in the incident but is wanted by the NYPD. Harrold posted the video on Instagram hours after the incident occurred and it quickly went viral.


She is 22 years old.

Miya Ponsetto SoHo Karen

A white woman from California is the suspect wanted by cops in the latest headline-grabbing case of bogus accusations allegedly leveled against an innocent black person, The Post has learned.

Miya Ponsetto was identified by NYPD sources as the woman caught on camera falsely accusing the 14-year-old son of jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold of stealing her iPhone.

Photos posted online with Ponsetto’s name also appear to match the young woman who melted down in the lobby of the Arlo Hotel in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood and tackled Keyon Harrold Jr. in a vestibule.

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“No, I’m not letting him walk away with my phone!” she shrieked at one point, according to a video clip posted online by the elder Harrold.


Harrold posted the 1-minute video, which can be watched above, on December 26 hours after the incident. Harrold and his son were staying at the Arlo SoHo Hotel and had come down to the lobby to eat brunch at the hotel’s restaurant.

“This person quote on quote ‘lost’ her iPhone, and apparently, my son magically acquired it, which merely ridiculous,” Harrold wrote on Instagram. “This incident went on for five more minutes, me protecting my son from this lunatic. She scratched me; she Tackled and grabbed him. He is a child!!! Now watch it again.”

In the video, the woman identified as Miya Ponsetto can be seen talking to a manager, who is carrying a laptop. Harrold Jr. can be heard telling the hotel manager, “This is my phone,” and his father then tells him, “You don’t have to explain nothing to her.”

Ponsetto asks Harrold Jr. to show her the phone and says he took her case off his iPhone to disguise it. She can be heard saying, “He took the case off, that’s mine, literally get it back please.” Harrold replies, “Are you kidding me? You feel like there’s only one iPhone made in the world?”


Ponsetto graduated from Simi Valley High School in Ventura County, California, about 40 miles outside of Los Angeles, in 2016. She was a cheerleader when she was at the school, according to photos on a photographer’s website that have now been made private. It is not clear why she was in New York City.

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